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Ruth Davis

Ruth Davis is political adviser to Greenpeace UK.

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Home is where the heart is

Ruth Davis

Ruth Davis traces how the green movement and the wider left became estranged from people’s everyday lives – and how we might come together again around an English politics of nature A month before the EU referendum vote, I sat down to write an essay about how a love of place, cemented through memory, can…


Letter for friends in the environment movement

Ruth Davis

I know that many of you will have been suffering what feels like a physical blow from the results and fall out of the referendum. Whatever the wider politics of the debate, you have been working for years to protect our wildlife, climate, clean air and water. I expect some of you feel (as I have done…


Five things I’ve learnt during the referendum campaign

Ruth Davis

1)      Project fear is really Project Common Sense.  And it will probably work. I have run out of patience with pro-Europeans complaining that the ‘in’ campaign doesn’t ‘make the visionary case for Europe’. I am someone who would indeed respond to passionately pro-European messages. But I am also one of the vanishingly tiny number of…