Ryan Shorthouse

Ryan Shorthouse

Ryan Shorthouse is the founder and director of Bright Blue and a former Conservative Party policy adviser.

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Building a more socially integrated society

Andrew Harrop, Ryan Shorthouse

Think tanks from the right and left of politics spend a lot of their time arguing with each other. But there is plenty we agree on too, and the need for social mixing and a shared common life is something that people from across politics can sign up to. Earlier this month, Dame Louise Casey’s review of integration…

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Baby boomers are not selfish – policymakers should help them give more

Ryan Shorthouse

Hogging houses. Avoiding the chancellor’s axe. Beneficiaries of generous pensions and healthcare from government. This is the stereotype of a babyboomer, today’s 50 and 60-somethings who have become the new bankers: lambasted for their apparent selfishness. The babyboomers have indeed been a lucky generation. Between 1995 and 2005, the average net financial wealth including housing…