Sally Prentice

Councillor Sally Prentice is Lambeth Council Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and the Olympics

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Comprehensive reform

Sally Prentice

It is over 50 years since Tony Crosland issued the Department of Education and Science circular 10/65 which ‘requested’ that local authorities ‘go comprehensive’. Since then, the school leaving age, funding, curriculum, qualifications, management and governance have constantly changed. Yet, at a fundamental level the school system remains largely the same as it was in…


Working class hero

Sally Prentice

This Boy is a joy to read. Alan Johnson writes beautifully about his childhood, about growing up in the aftermath of the second world war in slum housing in Kensal Town, but above all, about his wonderful mother, Lily, and sister, Linda. Alan wrote This Boy as a memoir to Lily and Linda, but his…


A green and pleasant land?

Sally Prentice

The abortive attempt by the coalition government to sell of the nation’s forests, the closure of many libraries and significant reductions to arts funding have caused considerable public anger. The cultural fabric of local communities across Britain is being eroded as never before. In contrast, the budget cuts affecting public parks, which are of equal…