Sarah Sackman

Sarah Sackman is a barrister and Chair of the Society of Labour Lawyers Communities and Environment Group. She is also a guest lecturer on the LSE Cities programme

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Keeping it green

Sarah Sackman

Day one in the job and Theresa May wasted no time in resetting the direction of the UK’s environmental policy. Whether her decisions to abolish the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and to install her former leadership rival Andrea Leadsom at Environment, Food and Rural Affairs were taken for reasons of political expediency…

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Equal aspiration: The London test

Sarah Sackman

When Aneurin Bevan died in 1960, a Conservative MP wrote in the Evening Standard that his passing reflected the Labour party’s failure to respond to a changing social reality: “In the coalfields from which he came, Marx and Engels have been supplanted by Marks & Spencer, and the sound of class war is being drowned…