Seb Dance

Seb Dance MEP

Seb Dance is MEP for London. He is a former Northern Ireland special adviser. He tweets @SebDance

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A spanner in the Brexit works

Seb Dance MEP

A week after the referendum result, British MEPs arrived back in Brussels to see a huge sign in the windows of the parliament building. It read: ‘We Will Miss You!’ Well actually the ‘M’ had fallen off sometime during the morning so it could have been ‘kiss’ or even ‘diss’ but I’ll opt for the…


Welcome to… The Northern Ireland office

Seb Dance MEP

Northern Ireland, as well as being an extraordinarily beautiful part of the world, is a place that stirs up all manner of emotions in many of us. Cast-iron preconceptions of its politics and culture are common among those who have never been, or have not even thought to go. Yet the complexity and sophistication of…