Stephany Griffith-Jones

Professor Stephany Griffith-Jones is financial markets director at the Initiative for Policy Dialogue at Columbia University. She is emeritus at the Institute of Development Studies, and a consultant to FEPS.

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Globalisation for the many

Stephany Griffith-Jones

A progressive approach to globalised finance needs to create a financial sector that funds investment in the real economy “I sympathise, therefore, with those who would minimise, rather than with those who would maximise, economic entanglement among nations. Ideas, knowledge, science, hospitality, travel – these are the things which should of their nature be international….


Tackling big challenges with a financial transactions tax

Stephany Griffith-Jones

There is growing support in continental Europe for the approval of a financial transaction tax (FTT). This support has moved from just civil society and progressive political parties, as had been widespread in the past, to concrete support by the governments of 12 countries, including most of the major European economies (such as Germany, France…