Tara Paterson

Tara Paterson is she is from Canada and is a member of Canada’s New Democratic Party – the social democratic party that sits to the left of the centrist Liberal Party. She formally worked as a researcher at the Fabian Society.

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Canadian Prime Minster Departure Ceremony

Book review: Lost in translation

Tara Paterson

Common Ground: A Political Life, Justin Trudeau, Oneworld, 2017, £16 .99 Throughout an eventful 2016, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was progressives’ most convincing piece of evidence that liberal internationalism wasn’t dead yet. The UK opted to march out of the European Union. Americans handed Trump a mandate to build a border wall. And for…

Powerful people cover

Powerful People, Powerful Places

Tara Paterson

Mobilising the yet to be mobilised Our local environment is the foundation on which community life is built.  Parks provide space for local people to come together and meet their neighbours, and clean streets embed a pride in one’s place. Community energy projects imbue neighbourhoods with a sense of self-sufficiency and economic resilience while allowing…


Go local

Tara Paterson

‘All politics is local.’ If this old American refrain should ring true anywhere today it is in the marginal constituencies of Labour MPs. In the face of worrying poll numbers, many have suggested that Labour candidates looking to defend their seats should highlight their local work and community issues instead of making the pitch for…