Tim Bale

Tim Bale is Professor of Politics at Queen Mary, University of London. He specialises in both British and European party politics. He is the author of 'The Conservative Party from Thatcher to Cameron' and his new book, 'The Conservatives since 1945: the Drivers of Party Change' has just been published by Oxford University Press. He occasionally tweets @ProfTimBale.

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12 days of Fabian Christmas: Last of the one nation tories

Tim Bale

As part of our ‘one nation’ series Professor Tim Bale explores the contested space of one nation politics  and the tories who are ready to fight for it. “Contemporary parties are made up not just of what political scientists like to call the party on the ground, the party in central office and the party…


The last of the one nation Tories

Tim Bale

He might not know it, but Matthew D’Ancona is – at least if you are a Labour supporter – one of the most dangerous men in Britain.  That’s because, along with other journalists like Danny Finkelstein, Ian Birrell, and Peter Oborne, think-tankers-cum-bloggers like David Skelton, Ryan Shorthouse and Fiona Melville, the loaded Lord, Michael Ashcroft,…