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Tobias is Research and Editorial Assistant at the Fabian Society.

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Who speaks to England? Labour’s English challenge

Tobias Phibbs

Questions of identity, culture and nationhood have barged their way to the fore of political conversation in recent years as globalisation has disrupted traditional loyalties. A rise in English identity, in particular, has been stirring for some time, as more and more English people identify themselves principally as English. Such a resurgence in English identity…


Homes and hotels

Tobias Phibbs

“If there is a collective identity society is a home. If you have multiculturalism, society is a hotel,” Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks told Newsnight last week, echoing remarks he has been making for years. The centre-left has long regarded it as “very impolite to have a national identity”, as Lord Sacks puts it, and now…