Victor Anderson

Victor Anderson is a research fellow at the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP).

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Taking the politics out of infrastructure – good luck with that

Victor Anderson

One of the many dangers of Brexit is that it diverts attention from other issues. Two issues currently needing attention are climate change and the future of UK infrastructure. These two issues are best considered together, something which doesn’t often happen at the moment. The National Infrastructure Commission, which David Cameron intended to give more…

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The lay of the Brexit land

Victor Anderson

Leaving the EU has many implications – most of which are only now starting to become clear. Some affect the environment: it is often said that 80 per cent of UK environmental legislation comes from Europe, whilst the EU common agricultural policy, a major part of the EU’s budget, has a significant impact on Britain….


The problem of “English socialism”

Victor Anderson

There have been many calls over the last few weeks and months for Labour to rediscover patriotism and embrace the idea of a distinctively English – or possibly British – version of socialism, consistent with national identity. This is of course bound up with debates about Blue Labour and the Brexit referendum. However there are…