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Never Again: Lessons from Labour’s key seats

Sally Keeble, Will Straw

Labour went into the election wanting to achieve so much: scrapping the bedroom tax, reversing NHS privatisation, cutting tuition fees. Yet the party’s hopes of transforming the country were dashed by its failure to win in ‘key seats’, like Rossendale and Darwen, Northampton North and Thurrock, which were lost in 2010, and others, like Southampton…


Going local

Will Straw

All politics is local seems to be the unsurprising, yet insightful, finding of the Fabian’s polling of non-voters. If politicians want to encourage people back to the ballot box they need to spend “more time doing good work in my neighbourhood” as opposed to only turning up on the doorstep at election time. This truth…


The Change We Need

Nick Anstead, Will Straw

Labour has a long history of looking across the Atlantic for inspiration. The founders of New Labour were famously influenced by Bill Clinton and his New Democrats and innovations such as the War Room, workfare and triangulation helped equip the party for the political and economic challenges of the 90s. So it is again in…