Review: One Nation: Power, Hope, Community

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‘It’s all about power.  Who’s got it.  Who knows how to use it’  – Buffy Summers Reading through the essays in ‘One Nation: Power, Hope, Community’ it’s clear that Ed Miliband’s concept of one nation not only aims to set out a framework for what Labour would do if elected, but also how it will…


Working class hero

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This Boy is a joy to read. Alan Johnson writes beautifully about his childhood, about growing up in the aftermath of the second world war in slum housing in Kensal Town, but above all, about his wonderful mother, Lily, and sister, Linda. Alan wrote This Boy as a memoir to Lily and Linda, but his…


Justice for hedgehogs

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The late Ronald Dworkin (1931-2013) was an intellectual light to the American liberal left, whose ability to communicate complex ideas to the public led the great Harvard political philosopher John Rawls to liken him to a modern day John Stuart Mill. It’s certainly true that’s Dworkin’s theories of law have, to a large extent, entered…