A welcome strategy

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Each year one in four people experience a mental health problem. If you haven’t experienced a mental health problem yourself, it is likely that a close friend or family member has, although – given the on-going stigma attached to mental illness – you may not know it. Encouraging people to talk to friends and family…


Future careers

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In her first speech as Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May was keen to nail her credentials as a one nation Conservative firmly to the mast as she spoke of ‘burning injustice’.  She cited the limitations on educational and professional opportunities faced by ‘white working class’ boys and those who go to a ‘state school’….


‘Dear candidate…’ notes for a future left


A Labour leadership election is the time for a contest of ideas – for competing visions of the future of the left. So, on the day Jeremy Corbyn launches his bid for re-election, let’s hope that both candidates seek to tell a story about how the left should change to face the 2020s. In April,…