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Fabian delegates explore Labour’s 2020 challenge


Despite the sombre context, this summer’s Fabian conference was full of strong ideas for how the left might go forward. And while our speakers promoted a range of options, our delegates also had the chance to express their ideas for how Labour can move forward towards success in 2020. 1.       MESSAGE ‘Message’ stood out in…


How Ilford North was won

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It’s past three in the morning on May 8th. Numb shock has replaced the disbelief that greeted the terrible exit poll showing the Conservatives headed for victory. For the past five hours my fellow campaigners and I have sat in stunned disappointment as Labour seat after Labour seat turned Tory blue or SNP yellow. My…


The Labour Game of Thrones

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Watching the Labour leadership debate at this year’s Fabian Summer Conference, I was reminded of the HBO mega-series Game of Thrones. The battle for the kingdom of Westeros may be all-consuming to the rival leaders who will do anything to sit on the Iron Throne. But as viewers, we know that whoever wins this battle…