Taking back control

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Consensus is building across the political spectrum around the need for a permanent solution to the problem of increasingly unaffordable energy bills in the UK. While some have suggested that green policies are to blame for the increasing costs, the main drivers have in fact been rising energy imports and price pressure due to increasing global…


Public character

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So Jon Cruddas is in hot water with the media, again. This time it is his supposedly anti-business stance with respect to public services. Through partial quotation of a forthcoming pamphlet, the Daily Telegraph suggested yesterday that Cruddas wants to see the end of all private sector involvement in public services. But in the meat…


Labour has a trump card – so let’s use it

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More often than not the accusation comes in that politicians are all the same, with nothing to separate their petty squabbles and public relations facades. Perhaps this is in part because we are not highlighting some of Labour’s strengths. One area that does seem to have been completely neglected by the Labour election machine are…