Asymmetric campaigning

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How Donald Trump changed the electoral game to win the Presidency When the US withdrew from Vietnam in 1973, a world super power had been effectively defeated by a small insurgency. The Viet Cong used asymmetric warfare to overcome the US superiority in conventional warfare. This asymmetric warfare has much in common, 40 years later…


Autumn Statement reaction: This could be just the start

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This wasn’t a Brexit Budget, it was a Brexit uncertainty Budget. Almost all the dire economic and fiscal news that was revealed today was the result, not of Brexit itself, but of the referendum decision and the pending Article 50 negotiation. This could be just the start. The Office for Budget Responsibility’s assumptions about 2017…


With hope in our hearts

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This may be controversial in some circles, but I have always been inspired by America. Whilst my brother, sister and I grew up watching the Olympics listening to my dad over-enthusiastically shouting for any athlete who might rob the USA of a medal, we also listened obsessively to the music of the United States: Aretha…