Dani El H-grey

Unstoppable ambition: Trump and climate change

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Under the last administration, the US was finally facing up to its responsibilities on climate change. While the new president and his team might want to sabotage their climate commitments, they are likely to find that the global momentum for change on the issue is irreversible. Every winter, the international climate community congregate to negotiate…

Barbara Williams2010

1997, women and Labour – 20 years on

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The 418 Labour MPs elected in 1997 kicked out a Tory government. The 101 of us who were women also transformed our politics. Until that election, parliament had been a largely male preserve and that distorted public policy. We had a welfare state based on male living and working patterns, while many children and pensioners,…

the city

Brexit and a New Deal for financial services

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One of the most important, and most controversial, elements of the forthcoming Brexit negotiations will be that covering financial services. The UK’s financial services industry is critical not just to the British economy – where it represents for over a tenth of the country’s economic output, and generates £66bn in tax revenues – but also…