2016: The Fabian Review’s pick of the year

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What a difference a year makes. Few would have predicted just 12 months ago that by the end of 2016 the UK would have backed Brexit and the US plumped for Trump. And not only do we have a new prime minister here and a new president on the way over there, but pretty much…


Opportunities with China

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As the UK seeks to build stronger bilateral relationships in the aftermath of the vote to leave the European Union, China has been top of the list. George Osborne famously ramped up the UK’s relationship with China and heralded the beginning of a new golden era of UK-China relations. The UK was fast to support…


Building a more socially integrated society

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Think tanks from the right and left of politics spend a lot of their time arguing with each other. But there is plenty we agree on too, and the need for social mixing and a shared common life is something that people from across politics can sign up to. Earlier this month, Dame Louise Casey’s review of integration…