A new Treasury view


There has always been a strand in Labour thinking that has had it in for the Treasury. The argument goes that all that is holding a victorious Labour government back from transforming the British economy into a fair, growth-orientated, balanced place is the dead hand of Treasury theology. Rooted in an obsession with fiscal numbers…

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Business short-termism and the new inequality


The British disease of business short termism is entrenched and takes many forms: the UK suffers from low levels of investment in capital and R&D, with companies hoarding cash and buying back shares; there are too many value-destroying acquisitions and restructures, arising from optimism-bias and boardroom hyperactivity; and equities are held for shorter and shorter…


The case for the human rights act

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The Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) is a very simple statute. It works like any bill of rights in allowing individuals in the UK to enforce their rights in their local courts. It also requires public authorities to respect the rights of those they serve. Part of Labour’s 1997 commitment to a new constitutional settlement,…