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A rich collective history

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Shaping the national debate post-Brexit Many of us who had campaigned to remain woke up to a sense of deep and inexorable loss when it was announced the UK had voted to leave the European Union. Although the polls had indicated a close race between the two campaigns, many had expected the UK to remain…


The green thread

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In an evolving and fragmented devolution policy landscape, green infrastructure can be the ‘green thread’ that binds devo deals together, writes Ed Wallis.  For a long time, the environment has found itself cast to the periphery of political debate. The hopeful spirit of the early 21st century, which saw making poverty history and securing the…


Four ways to resist the coming dystopia

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Are you scared? I am. When you look at the news – Aleppo, Trump, Putin, the Conservative conference, the crazy weather – do you get a sinking feeling? I do. Do you wonder if there’s actually anything you can do about it all? I do. Here’s the bad news. I think that fear is probably…