In safe hands

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Public ownership is making a comeback around the world. In Britain, it would pave the way for a progressive, democratic and empowering economy fit for the 21st century, writes Andrew Cumbers One of the most significant mistakes made by the centre left in the 1990s was to accede to the new right’s evisceration of the…


In the public interest

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As Carillion goes into liquidation, David Walker looks at how so much of the private sector has been outsourced  Over the past three decades a significant slice of our public realm has been ‘externalised’, contracted out, alienated – handed over to business to supply. In refuse collection, RAF pilot training, gardening in the Royal Parks,…

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The happy Fabian

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On the 134th anniversary of the Fabian Society, Deborah Stoate writes about the intriguing hinterland of Fabian founder Beatrice Webb  “How full and brimming over with happiness human life can be. How could this happiness become universal – or nearly universal – that is the problem.” Beatrice Webb, Diary 1 May 1897 When you think…