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Gordon Brown on hope

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In this extract from his memoirs, the former prime minister reflects on whether he was a politician out of season Twenty years on from when I became Chancellor of the Exchequer, and 10 from when I became prime minister, I feel the time has come now to look back and take stock: of what I…


Fixing the windows

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The state of our prisons reflects badly on our society “If you don’t fix the first broken windows, soon all the windows will be broken.” Those are the words of American political scientist, James Q. Wilson, one of those behind the ‘broken windows theory’ on the impact of the environment on crime. According to Wilson,…


Radical London

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At dawn on the 21 September 1960 bailiffs crashed through the roofs of two council flats in the St Pancras district of central London. After hours of fighting they finally evicted the tenants but what followed was some of the most serious rioting ever seen in the capital. All Metropolitan police leave was cancelled and…