Lessons from the campaign trail

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Labour’s positive election campaign needs to be a stepping stone to a win next time, says Olivia Bailey I  learned a  lot  during my  time  as  the  Labour party candidate in Reading West. I went through two pairs of shoes, accidentally excluded vegetables from my diet, and gained a  newfound respect for the resilience of…


A final push

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Labour won this campaign – but its task at the next election will be a complicated one, as Lewis Baston explains One should not slip into thinking that Labour ‘won’ the 2017 election. The Conservatives were still ahead on votes and seats and formed a government – shaky, to be sure, but Tory ministers are…

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Politics in the platform age

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The election marked a turning point and a radical Labour  victory is now within grasp, argues Jeremy Gilbert What made the extraordinary and unexpected result of the 2017 election possible? Several popular explanations have been widely circulated. The first attributes the result to contingent decisions and the effects of personalities. According to this story, it…