Tony Benn, Fabian


Today the Fabian Society mourns the passing of Tony Benn, one of our longest serving members. Tony joined the society in June 1943 and was a member for over 70 years. He was chair in 1964-65 and wrote three Fabian pamphlets, available online at the LSE Fabian Society archive: The Privy Council as a Second…

Energy 4

How the Big Six fuels winter deaths


The topics of energy prices, fuel poverty and the big six energy companies have filled newspaper headlines for weeks so it may come as no surprise that today hundreds of people have gathered in Central London, Oxford and Bristol for the ‘Bring the Big Six! Fuel Poverty Kills’ protest. Protesters, including groups Fuel Poverty Action,…


If these walls could talk

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Fabian members will probably know by now that the Fabian Society is moving from its Westminster offices at 11 Dartmouth Street to new premises just around the corner, in Petty France. You might, as I do, have mixed feelings about the move, given the significance of the building in Fabian and Labour history. Logically it…