If these walls could talk

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Fabian members will probably know by now that the Fabian Society is moving from its Westminster offices at 11 Dartmouth Street to new premises just around the corner, in Petty France. You might, as I do, have mixed feelings about the move, given the significance of the building in Fabian and Labour history. Logically it…


How Labour governs: 5 Fabian ideas

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The Fabian New Year Conference on Saturday asks a fundamental question: how should Labour approach the use of state power if and when it is elected in 2015? The Fabians and others have been doing a lot work assessing New Labour’s governing style, what worked, what didn’t, how the public feel about it, and what…


A Rainy Day Fund


The UK was hit particularly hard by the financial crisis, partly because it has a large financial sector relative to the size of the economy. The City is a great economic asset for Britain, but it is also a source of fragility and risk. In this regard, it shares some of the characteristics of the…