Is the future plural?


This year the Fabian Society, Centre: Forum and the Electoral Reform Society will be hosting a public event at both Labour Party conference and Liberal Democrat Conference entitled  ‘Politics: Is the future plural?’. Featuring John Denham, Jo Swinson, Caroline Flint, Mary Riddell, Michael White, Sir Menzies Campbell and Simon Hughes, the events are part of…


Fabian Executive elections


Get involved with the British left’s most plural and open intellectual tradition by submitting your nomination now. You are now invited to submit nominations for a number of positions: 15 Executive Committee places 4 Local Society places on the Executive Honorary Treasurer Scottish Convenor Welsh Convenor 12 Young Fabian Executive places This will be the…


How do we change politics?


With a recent report from the Democratic Audit concluding democracy in Britain is in “long-term terminal decline”, the Fabian Society’s annual House of Commons Tea event discussed ways to make politics relevant again and how Labour in particular can help to re-engage people on a local and national level. Andrew Harrop spoke about the Fabian…