Environment & Citizenship

Sustainable consumption, fairness and responsibility

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Environmental challenges involve huge issues of justice and fairness. Many actions to avert dangerous climate change or other forms of environmental harm impose burdens on individuals, from constraints on consumption to financial costs. The effects of environmental change bear unevenly too. How these burdens and impacts are to be shared fairly is a crucial question for public policy.

This programme looks at environmental policy challenges and the role of citizenship: both democratic consent and personal behavioural change. It considers the interaction between environmental issues, fairness and social justice and how public support can be built for sustainability measures affecting personal consumption.

Our recent Environment and Citizenship outputs include:

We are currently working on a major investigation on public attitudes to land, community and the environment.

Five key questions for this research programme are:

  1. How can we build broad-based public support for government action on the environment?
  2. How do we ensure that the burdens of action on the environment are shared fairly through society?
  3. How can we demonstrate the false choice between the sustainability agenda and economic prosperity?
  4. Can an emphasis on the responsible use and fair distribution of scarce resources place environment issues at the heart of modern social democracy, as part of ‘responsible capitalism’?
  5. How can the impacts of damaging environmental change be shared fairly within society?

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