Britain and Europe

Amnesty International UK, London

Event starts:

In, out or somewhere in betweeen?

Our Fabian & European Commission Conference was held on Saturday 19 February 2011

The conference assessed which vision of Britain’s future relationship with Europe was right for us.

Baroness Shirley Williams gave the morning’s keynote speech.

Bringing together a diverse range of voices, including Derek Clark MEP (UKIP), Wayne David MP (Labour), Ute Michel (Green Party) Mark Reckless MP (Conservative); this unique event challenged pro-Europeans and Eurosceptics to make their case on what principles should decide the European question and who should persuade the British public.

Conference Programme

11hr00 to12hr00: Keynote by Baroness Shirley Williams

12hr00 to 13hr15: After the crisis: What next for Europe?

The session looked at the current economic challenges facing the EU and assessed whether deeper integration is a desirable way to proceed with the European project.

With David Coats (WorkMatters Consulting), Claude Moraes MEP, Alex  Pardal (Foreign Policy Centre), David Nichols (Amnesty International UK) and Sunder Katwala (Fabian Society).

14hr30 to 15hr45The sceptics vision: What happens if we pull out?

Panellists debated what the most important positive or negative changes would be if Britain left the EU in 2020. Would leaving the EU and joining EFTA address the ‘democratic deficit’ or exacerbate it? Would the terms of EFTA membership satisfy Eurosceptic pressure to regain sovereignty or not?

With Denis MacShane MP (Labour), Derek Clark MEP (UKIP), Sian Herbert (Open Europe), Ben Shimshon (Britain Thinks) and Archie Bland (Foreign Editor, The Independent)

15hr45 to 17hr00: Question Time

With Mark Reckless MP (Conservative), Wayne David MP (Labour Party), Ute Michel (Green Party),  John Stevens (Former Conservative MEP) and Sunder Katwala (Fabian Society).