Building The Alternative – Labour’s Policy Review: Midlands and Northern Fabian Regional Conference

The Circle, 33 Rockingham Street, Sheffield

Event starts:

On the 16th of March, Sheffield will host the Midlands and Northern Fabian Regional Conference. The conference is entitled ‘Building The Alternative – Labour’s Policy Review’ and will be held at the Circle, 33 Rockingham Street.Confirmed speakers:

  • Lord Maurice Glasman (Labour peer and ‘Blue Labour’ pioneer)
  • Angela Eagle MP (Chair, Labour’s National Policy Forum)
  • Paul Blomfield MP
  • Baroness Ruth Lister
  • Dan Jarvis MP
  • Andrew Harrop (General Secretary, Fabian Society)
  • Martin O’Neill (Lecturer of Political Philosophy, York University)
  • Paul Blomfield MP
  • Clive Betts MP
  • Alex Sobel (Leeds Councillor, National Fabian Society Exec. Member)
  • Neil Foster (TUC Regional Policy and Campaigns Officer)

Final Update: Online tickets are now off sale. There will be a very limited number left on the door, please arrive early and bring exact money to secure entry. Due to limited space we cannot guarantee entry. 

A full timetable of the day’s activity can be found below.

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Concessions are those who are either retired, unemployed, unwaged, registered disabled and students.

You can also buy tickets using a credit or debit card by phone. Call Phil Mutero Monday-Friday during office hours on 020 7227 4903.


10.00: Registration & Tea / Coffee

10.30 – 10-35: Welcome to Sheffield and Conference arrangements Robert Murray and Andrew Harrop

10.35 – 11-35: Panel “Labour’s vision: Remaking the state”

Featuring: Angela Eagle MP (keynote), Andrew Harrop (Chair), Ruth Lister, Dan Jarvis MP

11.35Tea: Coffee Break (please take to sessions)

11.45 – 1.15: Policy Review Sessions

A. What Can Predistribution Deliver – Martin O’Neill and Cllr Alex Sobell (Facilitator: Kate Dommett)

B. Labour’s Welfare Dilemma: contribution, benefits, and new forms of work – Ruth Lister (Facilitator: Luke Adey-Rennard)

C. Educating for a New Economy: higher Education, Vocational Training and Aspiration – Paul Blomfield MP (Facilitators: David Forrest and Veronica Hardstaff)

D. Building Communities: Localism and Local Government – Clive Betts MP and Maurice Glasman (Facilitator: Kim Marwood)

E. Book Launch Seminar: The Nordic Model of Social Democracy – Nik Brandal, Øivind Bratberg, Dag Einar Thorsen (book authors) (Facilitator: Robert Murray)

1.15 – 2. 15: Lunch (plenty of local cafes or attendees bring their own cold food)

During lunch there will be an informal meeting / book signing with Nik Brandal, Øivind Bratberg Dag Einar Thorsen and a Young Fabians Introduction

2.15 – 3.15 Building the Alternative. Featuring Lord Maurice Glasman, Cllr Julie Dore, Neil Foster and Andrew Harrop

(after this session there will be a short break for coffee and tea)

3.15 – 4.15 Choosing Priorities – Five Pledges Based on ‘bids’ – at least one and a maximum of two ‘bids’ from Policy Session plus ‘bids’ based on popular policies collated during the day and from our Policy Sessions with Andrew Harrop (Chair), Cllr Julie Dore, Neil Foster and Martin O’Neil.

4.15 to 4.20: Announcements and Close