New Year Conference 2010

Institute of Education, London

Event starts:

Causes to Fight For?

Venue & Address: Institute of Education, London

Start and End times: Saturday 16th January 2010

Ticket price: £30/£15


The Fabian “Causes to Fight For” New Year Conference 2010 kicked off with a keynote speech from the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in front of more than 700 delegates in which he promised to fight for Britain’s mainstream middle.


With a general election only months away, the Fabians’ 2010 conference ‘Causes To Fight For’ was dedicated to discussing the politics of the general election and how best to campaign on the causes that unite the left.


10.00-11.30 Keynote Speech
Prime Minister Gordon Brown
11.30 – 13.00 – Morning Sessions
1. The Case: Does the left have a winning argument?
Speakers: Ben Bradshaw MP, John Curtice, Mary Riddell, Jackie Ashley and Peter Hyman
2. Will the real David Cameron please stand up?
Speakers: Nadine Dorries MP, Polly Toynbee, Jonathan Isaby, Douglas Carswell MP, Sunder Katwala. Chair: Gaby Hinsliff.
3. What not to spend: Can cuts ever be progressive?
Speakers: Vince Cable MP, Janet Daley, Nigel Stanley, and David Coats.
4. Hope or fear: how does the political brain work?
Speakers: Matthew Taylor, Catherine Fieschi, Tim Horton, Hilary Benn MP and James Crabtree
5. Twittered Out: Will the new media really change the election?
Speakers: Kerry McCarthy MP, Ellie Gellard, Peter Kellner, James Forsyth and Nick Anstead
13.00 – 14.00 – Lunch Time
Young Fabians Lunchtime Event: “50 Years Young” – Celebrating half a century of our history and achievementsLord Mandelson delivered a speech to mark 50 years of the Young Fabians.
14.00 – 15.30 – Afternoon Sessions
1. Tribes or causes: Can we campaign across party boundaries?
Speakers: Evan Harris MP, Will Straw, Jessica Asato, David Babbs and Jonathan Derbyshire.
2. Equality of what?
Speakers: John Denham MP, Jenni Russell, Neal Lawson and Stuart White. Chair: Rachael Jolley.
3. The next capitalism: What should the economy do for us?
Speakers: Phillip Blond, Rachel Reeves and Will Hutton. Chair: Tim Horton.
4. Challenging Extremism: What’s fuelling the rise of the far right?
Speakers: Dr Matthew Goodwin, Rushanara Ali, Sam Tarry and Fatima Hassan.
5. Faith and Secularism
Speakers: Sadiq Khan MP, Ben Summerskill, Symon Hill, Terry Sanderson, Catherine Fieschi and Maleiha Malik.
16.00-17.30: Democracy Den: The winning idea to beat the right
Dragons: David Lammy MP, Ken Livingstone, Mehdi Hassan and Deborah Mattinson