Scotland, the Union, and Brexit: What now for Scotland?

Central Hall, Jesus at the Heart, 2 West Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9BP

Event starts:

The Auditorium, Jesus at the Heart, 2 West Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9BP

The UK has decided to leave the EU while the majority of the Scottish electorate voted to remain. This half-day conference in Edinburgh will consider what this decision means for Scotland, its future in either union and where this places Scottish Labour in relation to UK Labour and progressive politics across Europe.

The conference will consider a number of questions related to this theme. For example: ­

  • What does Brexit mean for the future of the United Kingdom and how can Scottish Labour position itself in a new round of constitutional debates brought up by this issue? ­
  • How might the ongoing debates around Scotland’s position in the UK fit into a broader Labour vision of devolved power or federalism?
  • How might such a vision account for resurgent notions of English, Welsh or regional identities? ­
  • What should Scotland be looking for in any deal for a future outside the EU? ­
  • What does the referendum voting pattern say about voters’ concerns beyond the EU?
  • What lessons must Labour learn in order to address these concerns and stem the rise of nationalism and right-wing politics?


14.00 Welcome and opening remarks from the Fabians

14.05­-14.45 Keynote address from John Denham, followed by Q & A

14.45­-15.30 Panel discussion, chaired by Sarah Boyack, with John Denham, David Martin MEP, Professor Nicola McEwen and Stephen Boyd

15.45-­16.00 Tea break

16.00­-16.45 Breakout sessions. 3 streams:

  • Economic​: making the best of Brexit.
  • Social​:­ what next for EU nationals ­ migration and population in Scotland
  • Political: what does Brexit mean for Scotland’s future in the UK?

16.45­-17.00 Feedback discussion from breakout groups

17.00-­17.15 Closing remarks from Ian Murray MP