Scottish Fabians AGM

The Melting Pot, 5 Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR

Event starts:

Saturday 21 January 2017 | 15:00-17:00 |  The Melting Pot, 5 Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR

Kate Green MP (Stretford & Urmston , chair of the Fabian Society), will be our guest speaker immediately following the AGM. 

At this AGM, a new Executive Committee will be elected.

This is an exciting time for the Scottish Fabians.  We will be welcoming our new National Manager who will enable the Scottish Fabians to make a real impact. We are embarking on projects on the Future of Work and on Brexit and there will be events during the year on these and other topics.  In addition, we hope to help establish local Fabian societies across Scotland as a forum for policy discussion and development.  We hope that you will want to participate in this.  Never has there been a greater need for the left to have a considered response to the issues we face.    

If you would like to help us take Scottish Fabians forward, please nominate yourself by email to the address above. Nominations to the Executive Committee are open to full Fabian Society members. Nominations should include a short 70 word statement.  It would be helpful to receive nominations as soon as possible and in any event by midday on 20th January 2017, so that we can provide copies at the meeting.  Elections shall be by paper ballot at the AGM. Voting is open to full Fabian Society or Local Fabian Society members. Results will be announced prior to Kate’s address.  Please send self-nominations to [email protected] and [email protected]

If you have any questions about what working on the Executive Committee might entail or about the AGM, please get in touch at  [email protected] and/or [email protected] .

AGM Agenda

1. Adoption of agenda

2. Introduction

3. Report on activities in 2016

4. Proposed amendment to Scottish Fabians Constitution

5. Election of the Executive Committee

6. AOB

Kate Green MP will then speak about challenges for the left in 2017 and the Fabian response.  Q and A will follow, and issues arising from Andrew Harrop’s recent report “Stuck” can be discussed.