Social Europe: Worth Fighting For?

Amnesty International UK, London

Event starts:

At “Social Europe: Worth Fighting For?”, the Fabian Society debated one of the biggest questions in politics. As the idea of our engagement in Europe is called into question we discussed the future of the EU and its role in social policy.

The conference examined how the European Project might evolve, change and respond to new and emerging economic conditions. It also examined what this generation’s approach to political economy and the social dimension can draw and learn from previous social Europe agendas and where different approaches are needed now.


Social Europe: Worth Fighting For? – Timetable

Tea and Coffee to be served in the foyer

Registration is from 10hr00 to 11hr00 
11hr00 to 12hr00- Keynote Emma Reynolds MP (Shadow Europe Minister)followed by a Q&A from our General Secretary Andrew Harrop 
12hr15 to 13hr30 – Social Europe: Worth Fighting For?
The session will ask whether EU policies put prosperity at risk? Are they needed for the public to support the single market and globalisation? How should they change as economies falter and the EU becomes more diverse? What would UK repatriation of social policy mean for Britain and Europe?Speakers: Neal Lawson (Chair, Compass)

Richard Howitt MEP

Jon Worth (Associate Fellow, IPPR)


Katharina Klebba (The Fabian Society) 


 ***13hr30-14hr30 Lunch Break*** Lunch is provided to delegates in the foyer. There will be a selection of veg and non-veg lunch packs available for delegates. 
14hr30 to 15hr45 – What’s fair?
The session will ask whether social and employment policies across Europe are fair? Do they make the right trade-offs? What’s the fairest way to make social policy decisions? Does the EU offer a ‘fair deal’ to people in Europe?Speakers:Claude Moraes MEP (Deputy Leader of the EPLP)

Mats Persson (Director, Open Europe)

David Gow (Former Europe Editor, The Guardian)


Alexandra Pardal (Senior Research Associate, Foreign Policy Centre)


15hr45-17hr00- The Labour Movement and Europe
The session will ask whether trade unions have become disengaged form the EU over the last generation and why? Are there European agendas and arguments which would re-engage them while also having broad, majority public support? Will it be necessary for trade unions to become transnational organisation over the coming years in order to have a lasting impact on the European level?Speakers:Owen Tudor (Head of TUC European Union and International Relations Department)

Robert Evans (Former Labour MEP)

Marc Stears (Professor of Political Theory, University of Oxford)


Ivana Bartoletti (former advisor to the Italian Government, editor of Fabiana)