Fabian Fringe at Labour party Conference 2017

Event starts:

All events will be held at the Holiday Inn – Brighton Seafront, 137 Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2JF unless otherwise stated.


Sunday 24 September

13.00-14.00 | Community| More details & RSVP >> 

Innovate or Die: The future of private sector trade unionism in the UK

17.00-18.30 | More details & RSVP >> 

Year in Review: Twelve months of British politics

17.30-19.00 | NCS | More details & RSVP >> 

Delivering Social Justice: The importance of education outside the classroom

19.00-20.30 | Woodland Trust | More details & RSVP >> 

Powerful People Powerful Places: Engaging communities in environmental activism


Monday 25 September

12.30-14.00 | More details & RSVP >> 

The Right to Justice: The launch of the Bach Commission report

17.00-18.30 | The City UK |  More details & RSVP >> 

Our Vision for the Industry’s Future: What next for financial and related professional services?

17.30-19.00 | Power to Change |  More details & RSVP >> 

Changing Hands: Is community ownership of assets the future of local government?


Tuesday 26 September

13.00-14.30 | Scope |  More details & RSVP >> 

A Fairer Society for All: Achieving everyday equality for disabled people

13.30-15.00 | FEPS |  More details & RSVP >> 

Britain, Europe and the World: Co-operating on global challenges

17.00-18.30 |  More details & RSVP >> 

Fabian Question Time

20.00-late |  More details & RSVP >> 

The Fabian Party


Private roundtables – by invitation only ([email protected])


Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Strategy: Labour’s agenda for innovation and growth

City of London Corporation

Brexit Britain: Challenges and opportunities for the city

Independent Age

Doing Care Differently: Labour’s agenda for independence and wellbeing in older age

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