The Right to Protest and the Privatisation of Public Space

Grimond Room, Portcullis House

Event starts:

6pm – 8pm

In the wake of Occupy London campaign and efforts to clear Parliament Square and the Olympic Park of campaigners, this discussion will look at the ways in which our laws regulate the right to political protest and assembly in public spaces and whether the right balance is being struck between freedom of expression and other interests in private property, national security and health and safety.

Confirmed speakers:

Mike Schwarz (Partner Bindmans LLP, specialist in public order and civil demonstration work, co-author of ‘The Law of Public Order and Protest’ 2010)

Dr Jacob Rowbottom (Oxford University, author of Democracy Distorted 2010)

Emily Thornberry MP (Shadow Attorney General)

Chair: Sarah Sackman (Barrister, Chair of the Society of Labour Lawyers Environment and Communities Group)

Contact Olly Parker for more information.

[email protected] / 0207 227 4921

This event is being hosted in partnership with the Society of Labour Lawyers.