Plodding along

Barry Loveday

When responding to the news that the next spending round would lead to 25 per cent cuts to police budgets, Labour condemned them as potentially “catastrophic” and “a huge threat to the safety and security of the British public”. Elsewhere the shadow home secretary launched a petition calling for a rethink of the “double figure…

Canary wharf from the water

Credibility now

Stephen Beer

Labour’s new leadership intends to reset its economic policy. However, Labour needs to do much more than find the right policies. It needs to fundamentally rethink the basis for its economic platform, making sure it is relevant to today’s economy and reflects progressive values. The economic approach of the New Labour years no longer applies…

Hull Bridge

Powering ahead?

James Roberts

On 5th November 2004, the result of the referendum on the introduction of a regional assembly for the north east was announced: 77.93 per cent against. With that resounding defeat, the New Labour project to ensure symmetric devolution in the UK was dead. The introduction of regional assemblies for the non-London regions of England had…