Progressive pointers

James Coldwell

A new package of ideas to take on rentier capitalism provides food for thought for Labour, writes James Coldwell Labour’s great victories – 1945, 1964, 1997 – occurred when the party conveyed a confident vision of the future. Whether its relative success in 2017 followed this formula is open to question. On the one hand,…

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Beveridge and the five giants – 75 years on

Nicholas Timmins

December 1st is the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge report. The founding document of the UK’s modern welfare state. And it is an anniversary of which the Fabians, as much as anyone, can be proud. After all, it was Beatrice Webb’s minority report to the Royal Commission on the Poor Law that is widely seen…

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Gordon Brown on hope

Gordon Brown

In this extract from his memoirs, the former prime minister reflects on whether he was a politician out of season Twenty years on from when I became Chancellor of the Exchequer, and 10 from when I became prime minister, I feel the time has come now to look back and take stock: of what I…