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French lessons

Marie-Noelle Loewe

Marie-Noelle Loewe argues that the birth of Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche movement in France holds lessons for the moderate left here Sometimes, history does indeed repeat itself. So September 2016 has felt a lot like September last year: waiting for the result of the Labour leadership election, with a sense of doom that members are…


Resowing the seeds

Andrew Harrop

The 1993 film Groundhog Day, which has just been turned into a West End musical, is the story of a man who re-lives the same day again and again, and finds that it is torture. Could this be the fate of the left in Britain – except that it is one year that is to…


Support for Brexit linked to unequal public spending

Andrew Harrop

Since the early hours of 24th June there has been a mountain of comment and analysis on the causes of the Leave victory and the polarised attitudes which the EU referendum revealed. However, one issue has so far attracted little attention: the relationship between Brexit sentiments and the UK’s fiscal geography. Fabian Society analysis shows that those regions and nations which have been ‘winners’ when it comes to public spending were also the most pro-remain. The allocation of government expenditure may therefore help explain what happened in June, and suggest answers to where…