Not-for-profits and the NHS

Andrew Harrop

As expected, Andy Burnham’s Ten Year Plan for Health and Care today confirmed that under Labour NHS institutions will be the ‘preferred provider’. The party is clear that if it wins power, the Lansley experiment is over and independent services will only play a supporting role. But the pledge that followed in the document was…


The link between ideas and action

Seema Malhotra MP

Political conferences all have their own brands, and their own ideas to promote. The very best will be designed to address fundamental and current questions of debate, key choices we need to make as a society and the principles guiding those choices. For the Fabian Society, solid economic growth along side strong public services, effective…

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Breaking the cycle: How to make the case for radical prison reform

Sara Hyde

Against a backdrop of persistently high reoffending rates and the current mess being made of a world-respected probation service, steps in the right direction are emerging from the shadow justice team that should break into a confident stride come May. We have never needed it more. Academics, commentators and prison workers are sounding the alarm…