Why Miliband should still just make it to Number 10

Dick Leonard

The Rochester & Strood by-election may not prove to have been especially damaging to Labour, despite the hoo-ha over Emily Thornberry’s tweet. The party’s disappointing but not humiliating third place was partly due to two different streams of defectors from Labour – to Tory to keep UKIP out, and to UKIP to help defeat the…


Klass war? Labour has more work to do in selling its mansion tax

Daisy Srblin

Myleene Klass’s anti-mansion tax outburst on The Agenda is evidence that Labour still has a long way to go in persuading the middle classes of its credibility on tax reform. For some, Klass’s criticism of the mansion tax made her an ‘anti-tax Boudicca’, going ‘full Paxman’ on a visibly uncomfortable Miliband. For most, however, it was…