Why Budget 2014 pension changes are doomed to failure

James Lloyd

No one should be in any doubt: this year’s budget was an historic day for UK pensions policy. Since the Finance Act of 1921, UK pensions policy has had as its foundation stone the ‘annuities deal’: in return for exceptionally generous tax relief, pension savings must be converted into a secure pension income at retirement,…


Being human: Is greater authenticity in politics possible?

Jessica Asato

The need for greater authenticity in politics has become a truism, but is it possible? With the rise of so-called ‘independent minded’ politicians such as Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Alex Salmond and George Galloway it often seems that the new challenge should be to de-professionalise politics. For those of us who are active doorstep campaigners,…


Budget 2014: A curse on all your vanities

Chris Nicholas

For George Osborne, economics is always an extension of politics by other means. The budget on Wednesday was predictably entirely about next year’s election and, given his limited room to manoeuvre, adept. With Labour still failing to provide a credible economic alternative, the odds of a Conservative return to power are increasing. According to the…