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Drifting apart?

Nia Griffith MP

We in Wales understandably feel annoyed when people lump us in together with England. We have come a long way since the days when an entries in the encyclopaedias read ‘for Wales, see England,’ particularly now that our Labour government in Wales is pursuing very distinct policies from the Conservatives at Westminster. But when it…


A battle to be won

Shabana Mahmood MP

As with the referendum on membership of the then European Economic Community (EEC) 41 years ago, the economic context is once again important this year, though I believe that the instinctive economic argument is often overlooked as each side throws different facts at the public. Back then, like with the Conservatives now, it was a…


A fork in the road

Baroness Jenny Jones

The Green Party view of the European Union is that it is a flawed organisation, but that its benefits outweigh the flaws and it is better to stay in and reform it than ditch it altogether. Personally, I fear it is unreformable. From the outset in the 70’s, when the UK agonised about joining, I…