A response to 2030 Vision

Sue Marsh

Last week, eagle-eyed welfare warriors spotted ‘2030 Vision’ by the Fabian Future Spending Choices Commission, an independent analysis of where spending priorities – and indeed cuts – should fall until 2030. A lot of the report is good. I agree with the emphasis on early intervention, prevention and efficiency savings. But in a sense, they…

Energy 2

Freezing energy prices: The facts

Natan Doron

Politics is not won and lost in PMQs performances. Politics is something that happens in the homes and workplaces of people across the country. And right now it’s at the kitchen table where many families are making the choice between heating and eating – a topic that, to the shame of our country, will become…


Students as citizens

Jim O'Connell

Labour is at an exciting juncture in its schools policy. Most recently, the party has confronted some of the absurdities of the free schools policy and advanced its own alternative of parent-led academies. What these will look like is the next big question Tristram Hunt and his team must answer. In collaboration with my colleagues…