Reasons to be fearful

Andrew Fagan

Liberal democracy and scapegoating minorities The stupefying election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States offers the most spectacular example of the vulnerability of the values which liberal democracy is based upon. Forgive the alarmism, but 2016 risks marking the point at which liberal democracy began a slow (or rapid) descent into…


Bridging the gap

Andrew Mitchell

With the triumph of Donald Trump in the United States and the victory of the leave campaign in the EU referendum, a distinct anti-establishment discourse has developed in Europe and the US. But with the continued rise of the Front National (FN) in France and an expectation that Marine Le Pen will win the first…

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Rural America: ‘A silent majority’

Mark McLay

For the British viewer, Tuesday’s US presidential election night coverage unfolded in eerily familiar fashion to the Brexit referendum night. Premised on early voting that suggested huge Hispanic turnout in urban Florida and Trump’s weak showing in typically Republican cities, such as Jacksonville, pundits were predicting easy victory for Hillary Clinton and an early night…