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Rising Voices: How feminism can open up politics

Lisa Nandy MP

It’s often said that David Cameron has a women problem but it might be fairer to say that women have a David Cameron problem. In the four short years since Cameron became prime minister his government’s austerity programme has had disproportionate and devastating effects on many women, with ethnic minority, disabled and young women bearing…


Riding the New Wave

Anya Pearson, Rosie Rogers

This year, spurred on by social media and the effects of the recession, a new wave of feminism is continuing to gather strength at an impressive pace. Over 200,000 signatures have now gathered on the No More Page 3 petition nationwide, lads’ magazine Nuts finally pulled down its shutters, and previously unknown groups like Daughters…

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The future of apprenticeships is brighter than we think

Rebecca Staddon

In a Guardian article published last week, Martin Bright, former political editor of the New Statesman and founder of youth employment charity The Creative Society, argues that our main political parties are ‘bullying’ young people into work. With recent announcements promising to cap benefits for young job seekers, alongside student debt, soaring house prices and…