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Yvette Cooper: changing work, changing politics

Yvette Cooper MP

This speech was made at the launch of the Changing Work Centre on Tuesday 23rd February 2016 at the Metal Box Factory, London.   Can I start by thanking Community and the Fabian Society for inviting me to chair the Changing Work Centre, and to the members of the advisory board – many of whom are…


The Changing Work Centre

Cameron Tait

The Fabian Society and the trade union Community are joining forces to launch the Changing Work Centre, a new research centre exploring the changing world of work. The Centre will be launched at a central London event that will feature a keynote speech from Yvette Cooper, chair of the Changing Work Centre and Member of…

Windmills in Germany

The EU and green growth. What’s it up to?

Edward Robinson

So far, the British debate on continued EU membership has largely avoided discussion of long-term sustainable development. But on this distinctly 21st century political challenge, the EU is doing a lot. In this piece, I survey the two flagship policies. Bestriding EU climate policy is the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the programme to reform it. The ETS…