Labour’s New Towns: Lessons from Milton Keynes

Andrew Pakes

Renewed interest in house building is an important aspect of boosting construction in a post-recession in economy. The drop in construction in the 2008 period was marked, yet it did not tell the whole story of Britain’s modern relationship with house building. The post-war enthusiasm for building has been eroded by an antipathy towards government…


2014, Labour’s year of…commemoration

Dan Jarvis MP

As we focus our attention upon the centenary commemorations for the first world war next year, there are those who are already saying we should seek to answer the fundamental question of why Britain went to war in the first instance. Some will conclude that, aside from the strategic rationale, Britain’s motives for entering the…


Should we make landlords let to tenants on benefits?

Jon Primett

It was quite astounding to see Eric Pickles stand up in parliament during prime minister’s questions yesterday and claim that landlords and letting agents do not advertise for non-DSS tenants. Were Mr Pickles to open his eyes he would see property advertisements and landlords clearly stating “No DSS” in their advertisements. Once again, we are…