England expects: Localising skills provision

Dominic Rustecki, Richard Carr

We ended last week’s essay with a nod to the English deal’s potential to chime with the responsible capitalism agenda. We touched upon the themes of partnership, Business Improvement Districts, social value and sustainability. But responsible capitalists have a meaningful role to play in developing skills and crafts across our country too. Expanding our skills…


Is socialism back?

Patrick Diamond

Asking whether socialism is back immediately invites us to consider what socialism actually is. Since the early 20th century, it might be argued that the Labour party has adhered to three distinctive conceptions of ‘socialism’. The first conceives socialism as about nationalisation and public ownership. This doctrine is embodied in the original clause IV of…


Budget 2014: LIVE BLOG

Robert Tinker

13.47: The Budget announcement has wound down now so too is the blog. Thanks 13.45: Michael Gove (who made remarks about the number of Old Etonians in the Government in an interview with the FT over the weekend) has been banished to the naughty step out of sight of the TV cameras, Miliband says 13.44:…