2014, Labour’s year of…human rights

Sarah Champion MP

The Human Rights Act (HRA) was a major achievement of the last Labour Government, putting explicit human rights protections into British law for the very first time. However, we should expect it to come under sustained attack in 2014. Already at Tory Conference in 2013 the home secretary announced the Conservatives will scrap the HRA…


Miliband and the middle

Andrew Harrop

This morning Ed Miliband set out to welcome Daily Telegraph readers into the ranks of the ‘squeezed middle’. Until now the focus of Labour’s ‘cost of living crisis’ has been on people with low-ish incomes. But from now on, when Labour says ‘middle’ it means ‘middle class’ too. It’s well known that in Britain, ‘middle’…

Educate first, vote second 14-1

Educate first, vote second

Izzy Westbury

That young voters have a low turnout during elections is not a new phenomenon. However, what is new – and alarming – is that young people are now even less likely to vote than young people a generation ago. Recent data suggests that the problem in the UK is a lot worse than in other…