The Inequality Election

Andrew Harrop

Politics is fragmenting and it seems another inconclusive election is before us. The established Westminster parties have failed to find an answer to public disenchantment, as people say ‘you’re all the same’. But this year the choice between a Labour or Conservative government could not be more stark. The dividing lines boil down to one…

© Meena Kadri

A new public realm: Notes from urban India

Andrew Harrop

For anyone with a feel for recent British history, it was a heart-breaking scene: a brand new estate of social housing blocks, sat on the edge of city. The residents newly ‘decanted’ miles from their jobs and social networks, with very little public transport. And a school, purpose built for the community, which the parents…


Public opinion and the EU

Mark Diffley

With the prospect of an in/out referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU) looming in the next few years, you might expect the issue to be exercising voters ahead of May’s election. On the face of it, however, we do not appear overly concerned about the EU; looking at data aggregated over the…