A policy neither possible nor desirable

Stephen McNair

Long before the referendum it has been clear that immigration is Labour’s achilles heel in the Brexit debate, and the strategy of avoiding the issue merely inflamed feelings. The Conservative claims that immigration could or should be reduced dramatically fed the idea that this was possible and desirable, and made immigration the easy scapegoat for…


The promise of change

Luke Davies

So why exactly did 51.9 per cent of Britain’s voting population choose to ignore world leaders, 90 per cent of economists, the UK’s top business leaders and independent EU law experts last Thursday? The easiest answer is that they were misled: the blatant lie that the UK has been losing £350 million weekly to the EU and that this money could…


Labour’s Brexit pain needs to become a plan

Karl Pike

It is tempting, as the Fabian Society general secretary has suggested, to hide beneath the duvet for hours, perhaps days, maybe weeks, as a pillar of Labour’s internationalist identity is smashed apart. From a political and Westminster perspective it is also tempting to stand and point as the campaign teams wither away; ambitious pledges are…