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The fightback should start with our local councils

Ruth Cadbury MP

It may sound obvious, but the people of Brentford and Isleworth didn’t elect me in May to sit on the opposition benches. They voted for me because the wanted to see a Labour government abolish the bedroom tax and protect the NHS. A principled opposition is pointless. The Labour Party was created to govern. I…


Listen again: Campaigning and being heard in the new multiparty era

Felicity Slater

This Labour party conference fringe event was held in partnership with the Electoral Reform Society, Compass and Progress and discussed the rise of smaller parties and what it means for the way we do politics. We were joined by: Richard Angell (director, Progress), Olivia Bailey (research director, Fabian Society), Katie Ghose (chief executive, Electoral Reform Society)…


Listen again: Is the left ready for a new social contract?

Felicity Slater

This Labour party conference fringe event, in partnership with the NCS Trust, explored what a new social contract designed by the left should look like. We were joined by: Janet Royall (Labour peer and former leader of the House of Lords), Maurice Glasman (Labour peer), Tracey Paul (policy manager, NCS Trust), chair: Ruth Cadbury MP…