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Brexit and a New Deal for financial services

Adam Terry, Anneliese Dodds

One of the most important, and most controversial, elements of the forthcoming Brexit negotiations will be that covering financial services. The UK’s financial services industry is critical not just to the British economy – where it represents for over a tenth of the country’s economic output, and generates £66bn in tax revenues – but also…

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Democracy and the network of elites

Alexandra Runswick

George Osborne was met with consternation and disbelief from the public, and many of his fellow MPs, upon announcing that he would be adding ‘editor of the Evening Standard’ to his roster of second jobs. But his move is hardly an exception to the rule; when it comes to MPs and peers taking up roles…


Positive participation

Julie Grinsell

Asset based approaches use the knowledge, skills and experience of individuals and communities to effect beneficial change by enabling them to regain control over their own future. Although asset based approaches cannot in themselves address the enormous power imbalance inherent in society, the approach is a useful and empowering step towards citizen participation and redressing power…