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Unpicking the web: A genuine rehabilitation revolution

Clare McNeil

It seems the furore over Chris Grayling’s decision to ban books being sent to prisoners has attracted more public attention than his plans to privatise 70 per cent of the probation service. As one civil servant at a recent roundtable observed privately, you may disagree with his ‘rehabilitation revolution’ but he has a convincing story…

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Time for Labour to lead on clean air

Stephen Tindale

Air pollution kills 29,000 people every year in the UK, according to Public Health England. So clean air ought to be a political priority. But it isn’t. Fortunately, those nasty Brussels bureaucrats are trying to protect public health. In December 2013 the European Commission proposed stricter air quality standards, based on the advice of the…

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Five ways Labour will strengthen communities

Lisa Nandy MP

Some people say we’re losing our sense of community spirit. That’s just not true. Across the country there are 20 million people that volunteer in their local areas. In the last few days I’ve met people running grassroots sports clubs, helping people to believe there is life after a stroke, acting as a governor for…