Access to education

Kate Green MP

Anna Bird is right to highlight the glaring employment gap between disabled people and the working age population as a whole. While the number of disabled people in employment has increased in recent years, as a country, we continue to miss out on a huge pool of talent. This makes no sense for anyone. Not…


The year ahead

Sarah Jones MP

It’s been a funny old year. For me personally, it’s been bittersweet. Bitter because my father died in the middle of it – three days after the election – sweet because he lived to see me become the first ever female MP in Croydon. It was bitter that Labour didn’t win the election or get…


Achieving everyday equality for disabled people

Anna Bird

Life today is still much harder for the 13 million disabled people in this country than it needs to be. In 2017 disabled people still face barriers to employment and are not getting the care and support they need to live independently. More disabled people than non-disabled people are living in poverty or are materially…