How Miliband can take his ideas to the max

Marcus Roberts

Ed Miliband’s leadership has seen a renaissance in Labour thinking. Big ideas about the economy, the state and power itself have been at the heart of a fundamental revision of the Labour creed. But translating these ideas into practice often results either in an all-consuming discussion of the problem or a series of technocratic policy…


Fifty years on: Harold Wilson’s lessons for Ed

Paul Richards

By the time Ed Miliband came into the world on Christmas eve 1969, Harold Wilson had been prime minister for five years, at the helm of only the second-ever majority Labour government. Fifty years on from Wilson’s first election, what lessons are there for Labour’s next prime minister? Britain’s place in the world, the size…


Time to rethink? A new drugs policy for Labour

James Sweetland

Nick Clegg’s declaration last week that UK drugs policy was ‘idiotic’ merited far more attention than it received. The Lib Dems have announced to take steps towards treating addiction as a health issue rather than a criminal one and to decriminalise personal possession of drugs – both of which are sensible and well thought-out ideas….