Paradise Papers 1

The Paradise Papers and the case for wealth taxes

Nick Donovan

For me, the most interesting part of the Paradise Papers offshore leak was an offhand comment about a tax payment made seventy years ago. The leak revealed that the Grosvenor estate in central London, owned by the Duke of Westminster’s family trusts, had been using offshore companies. “Landlordism” by WB Northrup, 1920, showing the Duke…


Winning the country

Kate Murray

New Labour was famous for its grasp of the importance of the message. Its communications strategy – or spin, depending on your perspective – is acknowledged to have played a crucial role in securing three consecutive election victories. More recently, the advances made by Labour under Jeremy Corbyn have been attributed, in part at least,…


Transforming mental health in Greater Manchester

Andy Burnham

To mark the launch of the Fabian Health Network’s mental health awareness project, Andy Burnham outlines his plans to improve  service provision in Greater Manchester As mayor of Greater Manchester I pledged to prioritise mental health and ensure it is treated as seriously as physical health, and I remain committed to that. The consequences of…