200 days to change Britain

Sadiq Khan MP

This May’s general election is set to be the most important in my lifetime. Not because it looks likely to be the closest, but because there has rarely been such stark differences between the two main parties. On the one hand, we have a Tory party that has abandoned its ‘modernisation’ project and lurched violently…

Transport 4

Review of Reviews: The Armitt Review of Infrastructure

Amy Mount

Labour’s policy review considered how to tackle some of our biggest political challenges. We asked a panel of experts whether its external commissions make the grade… What it says: With our population set to reach 73 million by 2035 and a widening gap between demand and supply of infrastructure support, Britain faces an infrastructure crisis. The Armitt Review of Infrastructure by Sir John…

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In It Together: Labour’s new relationship with business

Ed Wallis, Robert Tinker

There are good reasons why a new approach to business – where concerns around economic long-termism, public health, environmental sustainability and strong local communities become integral to a profitable British business model – should appeal to both the political instincts of the left and to the bottom line of businesses. For business, maintaining a sustainable…