The worst and the best British prime ministers

Dick Leonard

Britain has had 53 prime ministers. Who were the worst, and the best of these? For me, the criterion is not whether I agree or disagree with their policies. If it were, I should certainly include Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron among the worst. What I am seeking is to determine how effective they were…


Why I believe in EU

Dr Liam O'Shea

One positive of the EU referendum is that it has forced many of us to ask, why really are we in favour of the EU? The campaigns have been criticized for failing to make their points clearly but I think some of this is unfair. In many respects, much of the confusion exists because, at…


From director to intern?

Joe Jervis

The referendum was never meant to be so close. By now the Remain strategy – centred on wheeling out economists, politicians and business brains to warn of Brexit’s threat to the economy – was meant to have ‘won’ enough daily news bulletins to convince the ‘undecideds’. Yet while recent polls show that 52 per cent…