Open space

Duncan Weldon

As British politics tries to divine the true meaning of Brexit, there is a political opportunity for a party to be pro-openness but also pro-redistribution, argues Duncan Weldon In 2014, Labour was on the winning side of the referendum on Scottish independence and yet ended up paying a huge political price. In 2016 it was…


Can the UK ever be a ‘United’ Kingdom?

Laura Simmons

The result of the EU referendum identified one clear problem: the country is divided. Two bitter campaigns meant people could focus their anger and distrust towards politicians and Westminster on one topic, with disastrous consequences. Divisions in the country are not new, nobody realistically expected unity between metropolitan cities and small rural villages, but I…


Embracing democratic reform

Katie Ghose

With a leadership contest officially under way, Labour’s internal democracy will continue to preoccupy the party. Once this is concluded, it should urgently turn its attention to the state of the country’s democracy and the shape of its constitution following a vote to leave the EU. When Labour is on the rise, it embraces democratic…