Where now for Labour?

Kevin Hickson

The recent election results were a mixed blessing for the Labour party.  Despite coming first in terms of national vote share in the local elections and seeing the further collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote, the successes clearly did not lift the spirits of the party rank and file.  This was partly due to the…


Election 2014: The numbers

Lewis Baston, Marcus Roberts

Labour seats where Labour lost the popular vote in the 2014 local electionsParty names in brackets in the 2010 columns indicate the main competitor party in 2010 where this is different from 2014. There were 9 Labour seats where the party did not come top in the popular vote in the 2014 local elections. In…


Stop taxing periods. Period

Laura Coryton

What products and consumables do you consider essential to maintain a decent standard of living? I’m guessing that exotic meats such as horse, ostrich, crocodile and kangaroo wouldn’t make it into your top ten (or even cross your mind). In that case, you could probably just about live without edible cake decorations such as jelly…