A new deal for gender

Jemima Olchawski

This essay was first published on January 21 2016.   There’s often scepticism about whether promises of localism made in opposition will be delivered once in power. This time, it turns out the Conservatives really meant it. Following the announcement of the Greater Manchester devolution deal we have seen local and regional government across the…


Decentralising Britain

Bob Price

A notable feature of the 2015 general election campaign was the degree of apparent unanimity across all parties that Britain has an overcentralized governmental structure, which is ripe for devolution. In the wake of the Scottish independence referendum, and the desperate resort to ‘devo -max’ to save the day for Better Together, this was hardly…


Five things I’ve learnt during the referendum campaign

Ruth Davis

1)      Project fear is really Project Common Sense.  And it will probably work. I have run out of patience with pro-Europeans complaining that the ‘in’ campaign doesn’t ‘make the visionary case for Europe’. I am someone who would indeed respond to passionately pro-European messages. But I am also one of the vanishingly tiny number of…