Labour’s Britain: A sea change in manufacturing

Ann McKechin MP

Britain, long known as a nation of shopkeepers, is now better described as a nation of financial advisors, lawyers, business strategists, architects, advertising executives, and media consultants. These are the workers of the service economy which now makes up over 70 per cent of our GDP – who have helped cement the UK’s position as…

Energy 4

Labour’s Britain: Energy efficient homes

Alan Whitehead MP

If we are to keep on anything like an achievable track to meet the carbon targets laid down by Labour’s own Climate Change Act in 2008, Labour will come to power facing an imperative to reduce carbon emissions by an unprecedented amount over an unprecedented short period. We’re already committed to making eye watering cuts…


Labour’s Britain: Education for all

Linda Riordan MP

Something has to give in higher education funding. The current system might provide universities with enough funding, but leaves thousands of students with crippling debts, no guarantee of employment and years of paying back loans. Is that the kind of legacy we want from our higher education system? If Labour returns to power it has…