Labour’s Britain: Future digital

Chi Onwurah MP

The next government will be the most digital ever. But it will only be progressive if it’s a Labour government. Labour’s history, our roots, are in the empowerment of people. All too often government is something done to the people. Digital government must not be like this. I worked in ICT for 23 years before I entered…


Labour’s Britain: Tackling the cover-up culture

Nia Griffith MP

In recent times we have seen sickening revelations about physical abuse in care homes, neglect of hospital patients and sexual exploitation in children’s homes and elsewhere. For me, the most worrying aspects of these tragic events is how often the abuse was allowed to continue, even after victims, families and professionals had tried to raise…


Labour’s Britain: Winning voters back

Frank Field MP

Labour’s leadership must chart a route to the common good that builds on its working- and middle-class support. The vast majority of voters who deserted Labour after 1997 appear not to vote at all. But a significant proportion of ex-Labour supporters are now voting UKIP. Working-class Labour voters still believe that they would be better…