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Breaking the cycle: How to make the case for radical prison reform

Sara Hyde

Against a backdrop of persistently high reoffending rates and the current mess being made of a world-respected probation service, steps in the right direction are emerging from the shadow justice team that should break into a confident stride come May. We have never needed it more. Academics, commentators and prison workers are sounding the alarm…

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The reasons Labour is committed to constitutional reform

Stephen Twigg MP

Constitutional reform is a policy area that encompasses a wide range of challenges. There are classically thorny issues of our democratic settlement, such as reform of the House of Lords. There are the practicalities of our democracy, such as voter registration – the fact that around eight million eligible voters aren’t even registered to vote…

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Review of Reviews: The Buckle report

Katie Schmuecker

Labour’s policy review considered how to tackle some of our biggest political challenges. We asked a panel of experts whether its external commissions make the grade… What it says: Working poverty is a national challenge. Over 250,000 people do not receive the minimum wage and its value has fallen by 5 per cent since 2010. Low Pay: The Nation’s Challenge by Alan Buckle endorses…