Memos to Ministers: Department of Culture, Media and Sport

Daisy Srblin

Just as in May 2015, culture was at the heart of an incoming government in 1997. That year, real political change after eighteen years of Conservative rule was reflected in the spirit of ‘cool Britannia’, a prevailing sense that what Britain had lost in imperial stature it more than made up for in creative cultural…


Places to be: Speech from launch event

Maria Eagle

[Check against delivery] The general election is just over three weeks away. It’s the most important election in a generation. A choice not just between parties but between two competing visions of how our country can succeed. A Tory plan that says we can succeed with just a few at the top doing well. Where…


Memos to Ministers: The Treasury

Robert Tinker

Labour’s five years in opposition culminated in an election manifesto which married fiscal discipline with a programme for social and economic renewal. The document only contained fully costed pledges, but it also promised big solutions on issues from inequality to public services to the workplace. It is a fine balance which the role of the…