Finding a new future

Patrick Diamond

Anthony Crosland’s enduring relevance as an intellectual reference point for the British left is hard to dispute. In the wake of the party’s 2015 defeat, The Financial Times insisted Labour had to “reawaken the modernising impulse in the party’s past, championed by figures such as Tony Crosland” to re-emerge as a credible governing force. Yet…


Comprehensive reform

Sally Prentice

It is over 50 years since Tony Crosland issued the Department of Education and Science circular 10/65 which ‘requested’ that local authorities ‘go comprehensive’. Since then, the school leaving age, funding, curriculum, qualifications, management and governance have constantly changed. Yet, at a fundamental level the school system remains largely the same as it was in…


Nationalism is not the cure

Dan Sharp

Brexit has become the zeitgeist of constitutional debate. Against this backdrop, John Denham sets out an eloquent case for the need to reform England’s relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom in his article ‘England: a crisis’; there are, however, several problems with that case. Denham states: ‘Social democracy’s base was the organised industrial…