Labour’s Britain: Fighting inequality

Kate Green MP

It was Ed Miliband in his Hugo Young lecture earlier this year who set out the defining purpose of politics: reducing inequality. It’s a matter both of social justice and economic good sense: the more equal a country, the more successful it is across a whole range of indicators, as the work of Richard Wilkinson…

The Council Chamber

Labour’s Britain: Nation building

Jamie Reed MP

During the recent debate surrounding the future of the United Kingdom, the separatists’ ugly and deliberate conflation of England with Toryism represented a calculated insult. England: the country of the Tolpuddle martyrs, Clement Atlee, George Orwell, William Morris, William Blake and countless other figures whose lives shaped left wing thought not just throughout Britain but…

Low pay

Labour’s Britain: Tackling low pay culture

Paul Blomfield MP

Over the last couple of years I’ve campaigned with MPs and charities to regulate unscrupulous payday lending, and with some success.  But we haven’t tackled the underlying problem. The harsh truth is that too many people simply can’t make it from one payday to the next. The economic model introduced by Margaret Thatcher, with reducing labour costs at its heart, reversed a century-long movement to fairer wages. Over the last generation, 5-7% of the wealth produced by the people…