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Wall of shame

Jeremy Anselmo

It’s been called the ‘Great Wall of Calais’. The huge barrier being built to keep people out of the UK is a potent symbol of populist feeling, argues Jeremy Anselmo in the latest in our series on the refugee crisis. Work began this month in Calais to build the £1.9m wall designed to prevent some…

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The route to power

Kate Green MP

Unity requires deeds as well as words if Labour is to win again, argues Kate Green MP I joined the Labour party for the same reason most members did: I wanted to fight for fairness and justice, and to make a difference to my community. Labour governments had transformed my prospects and those of my…


What now for Labour?

Pancho Lewis

We are living in uncertain times. The tectonic plates underpinning politics are shifting dramatically. When Francis Fukuyama proclaimed that the ‘end of history’ had arrived in 1992, you would have been forgiven to think he was onto something: global capitalism – buttressed by liberal ideals of formal equality and the uninterrupted flow of capital and…