Democratic reform

Fabians launch democratic reform consultation

Olivia Bailey

The Fabian Society has launched a policy consultation on the crucial issue of democratic reform. Working with an advisory panel of senior Labour activists, we aim to stimulate debate across the Labour movement about how the Labour Party should tackle falling trust in politics, Conservative attacks on democracy and Labour’s electoral mountain to climb. You can…

serena williams

In search of gender parity

Catherine Fookes

Equality issues are front page news again today, but for all the wrong reasons. A male tennis tournament organiser suggested female tennis players should get “down on their knees and thank men” and Novak Djokovic questioned equal prize money in tennis. Earlier this month, women across the world celebrated International Women’s Day. But as the…


Wilson’s white heat

Liam Byrne MP

This article is the fifth and final in a series of pieces on the life and legacy of Harold Wilson published in celebration of the centenary of his birth, 11 March 1916. Click here for the first article in the feature: Reappraising Harold Wilson Click here for the second article in the feature: Harold Wilson: a personal…