Labour’s Britain: A public housing boom

Fabian Hamilton MP

Almost every Labour councillor and most Labour MPs, especially those representing inner city communities, will tell you that their largest area of casework involves housing. For many, it’s the lack of any social housing to meet their constituents’ needs, for some it is overcrowding, poor quality homes, the oppressive bedroom tax, inefficient repairs, or damp…


Labour’s Britain: Helping a forgotten generation

Meg Hillier MP

I represent one of the country’s youngest constituencies with over a fifth of residents under 16. So, of course, I work with and campaign for children and young people. But I worry too about the long term impact of the forgotten generation. In my borough these are mainly British born men (and some women) in…


Labour’s retirement revolution

Andrew Harrop

If the Labour Party wins the 2015 election it will come to power 32 days into a revolution in pension policy that is set to leave British retirements permanently diminished. So the Opposition must use the next six months to prepare decisive plans to replace George Osborne’s pension reforms with its own alternative, to be…