Fishing boats on the coast

A country mile

Cat Smith

Our rural and coastal communities often feel their voices aren’t heard in politics. Turn on the television, the radio or read any newspaper and you’ll hear plenty of talk about Crossrail, the City, even the ‘northern powerhouse’. In contrast, you’ll hear very little about coastal flooding, rural tourism, the fishing industry, access to (or lack…

Bird flies in front of parliament

How Labour can win again

James Morris

In 2020, after a decade of Tory rule, Britain will be desperate for something else; Labour will be something else and so Britons will be desperate for Labour. Or perhaps not. To succeed Labour needs to rely on more than a flawed syllogism; it needs to ensure Britain does really want change, it needs to…

Woman standing in ray of light

A new deal for gender

Jemima Olchawski

There’s often scepticism about whether promises of localism made in opposition will be delivered once in power. This time, it turns out the Conservatives really meant it. Following the announcement of the Greater Manchester devolution deal we have seen local and regional government across the country stepping forward to take on more powers. We live,…