Education: Improving teacher quality

Andrew Old

The world of education has confused many politicians. It takes some time for any politician to realise what the debates in education are about and, if elected, what they can or cannot do. It is very easy for politicians to put forward ideas and very difficult to get those ideas implemented in the manner intended….

Energy 3

Taking action against fuel poverty

Clare Welton

As British Gas shareholders gather at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference centre in Westminster today for the Centrica AGM, so too will protesters from over 20 anti-austerity, anti-privitisation and environmental groups. Under the banner of ‘Bin British Gas: Put Power in Public Hands!’ Fuel Poverty Action alongside groups including Lambeth Pensioners’ Action Group, Friends of…


Work and Business: Delivering on the Post Office’s potential

Annabel Barnett

The UK’s post office network, with over 11,500 outlets reaching into every community, provides much-needed services to all sections of society. Larger than all the bank branches put together, its scope, reach and potential is unrivalled. However, the incoming government in May 2015 will have to grapple with the fundamental and serious problems facing the…