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Radical solutions

Duncan Bowie

With the government’s delayed housing white paper expected any day, it is opportune for progressives to review the alternative options to the approach being pursued by the current government. While the new housing minister, Gavin Barwell, has indicated a shift away from the approach of the Cameron regime and a recognition that rented housing may…

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The future of British retail

Norman Pickavance

Britain’s retail industry has often provided a lens through which we see British society. From wartime rationing to unparalleled consumption, retailers have met the demands of the British public in both the tough times and the good. But today we are increasingly hearing that the future of the industry as we know it is under…


Investing in change

Barry Gardiner MP

Labour must take a lead on tackling climate change – and that includes turning pensions fossil-free At home and abroad, we cannot ignore the systemic challenge of climate change. We have to stand up for the clean industries that can power the future, that already employ more people than the entire teaching profession and that…