Work and Business: Radical action on top pay

Luke Hildyard

Since we were established in 2012, the High Pay Centre has tried to put evidence and analysis at the centre of the emotive debate about top pay. We want to identify how Government policy on the growing pay gap can achieve the best social and economic outcomes for the UK. There is a tendency to…


Work and business: Fixing Universal Credit

Lindsay Judge

Many like to depict universal credit (UC) as the great British cock-up – a wasteful white elephant that is over-budget, over-time and over-sold by the current government on every occasion. But beyond its many management failures so carefully documented last year by the National Audit Office, is UC a good idea? And perhaps more pertinently…


Work and Business: Healthy competition

David Walker

Pollsters scored Ed Miliband’s promise to freeze energy prices as the hit of the 2013 conference season, and the intervention did his personal ratings no harm at all. It signalled both Labour’s newfound muscularity over corporate interests and a welcome eclecticism in thinking about markets, competition and consumers. Stewart Wood said the leadership had been…