To whom it may concern

Boogie Thompson

Continuing our Fabian Review series on the refugee crisis, year 11 student Boogie Thompson shares her experience of visiting the Calais jungle People have been asking me how Calais was. I stutter and say it was eye-opening or interesting. But this is not what I really saw. I was picking up dead rats. I saw…


England in 2030

Liam Byrne MP

‘It’s tough to make predictions’, said the great baseball sage, Yogi Berra, ‘especially about the future’. But in politics there are great prizes for a political party with a sense of how the world is changing, the new risks and opportunities on offer – and a plan to make the future work for ordinary families….


Red lines

Richard Corbett MEP

Red lines are in vogue. It’s hard to find a politician who doesn’t want to draw one somewhere, and with Brexit negotiations just around the corner, migration is a current favourite. But the problem with red lines is that you must be careful not to lay them down somewhere they’re likely to trip you up…