Breaking the link

Brian Dow

Experiencing money and mental health issues at the same time is awful, and not uncommon. For the four million people in this position every year, the effects can be devastating. There is no doubt about the causal link between financial and mental ill-health – but this link is by no means inevitable. The evidence Mental…


An inclusive education

Mandy Garford

Education is the passport to opportunity. It is only right that all children are given equal opportunities to reach their full potential, educated in a world-class system to become the next leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, strategists, economists, doctors, lawyers or scientists. First, this means addressing the inequality that has a huge impact on life chances. A…

Hand in Hand

Helping people before they reach crisis point

Andrew Harrop

For a decade, I’ve been writing about the crisis in English social care. So it came as little surprise last year when a close member of my own family became yet another victim of our failing system of care and support. He had reached his late-80s and, like so many others, he had significant support…