Edinburgh by night

True north

Nick Forbes

There’s a popular belief that the Chinese word for crisis is made up of the symbols for both danger and opportunity. The Labour party has a similar relationship with the word devolution, though sadly we don’t seem to be focusing on the opportunity, just the threat. Right now, the Labour party is losing the battle…


Why England matters

Mary Riddell

Who are we? An answer has rarely seemed so imperative. Later this year, a closely-contested referendum will determine whether or not Britain leaves the EU. If the vote is for an exit, then the pro-European Scottish government may make another bid for independence. That in turn would imperil a union that has held the United…

Union Jack

Rebuilding Labour Britain

Jonathan Rutherford

2015 lies behind the Labour party like a battlefield littered with the detritus of its defeat. The party retreats into the new year, disoriented and deeply uncertain of its future. Ahead of it lies the European referendum debate and elections across the country. In Scotland Labour has been wiped out, and in Wales and the…