Three steps to Tackle the English Question

Jon Wilson

Everyone I know who isn’t a Labour politician thinks English votes for English laws is a start, but just a start in dealing with the question of power in England. Only Conservative MPs think it resolves it. The Tory move is craven opportunism. But it reflects the rage people across this kingdom feel about their…

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Labour’s Britain: Going for growth

Peter Hain MP

The key to a successful Labour government from May 2015 lies in abandoning Tory/Lib Dem austerity and going for growth. All our ambitions for seeing that everyone shares in higher living standards, for restoring security at work, for expanding public services, for building a fairer society, and above all a strong economy, depend on economic…


Labour’s Britain: Fighting inequality

Kate Green MP

It was Ed Miliband in his Hugo Young lecture earlier this year who set out the defining purpose of politics: reducing inequality. It’s a matter both of social justice and economic good sense: the more equal a country, the more successful it is across a whole range of indicators, as the work of Richard Wilkinson…