Democracy Without Walls

David Bailey

That contemporary democracies are increasingly characterised by popular disaffection towards political elites has been widely noted now for a number of years. But the impact of this disaffection has changed. Whilst it was relatively benign and passive before the global economy entered its long period of crisis and stagnation in 2007-2008, the urgency of economic…


No Complacency

Lewis Baston

Dear Ed, I have seldom seen a set of local elections about which so much rubbish has been talked, even if the 2014 results were a particularly confusing mixed bag. The media commentary that Labour had done appallingly was initially badly overdone, partly because some of the most UKIP-friendly areas such as Hull and Rotherham…


Time for Labour to take on UKIP

Marie-Noelle Loewe

Even before a single vote was cast in Thursday’s election, it was clear that UKIP would clean up. That the party has not made a more significant impact on the council landscape is mainly due to the UK’s first past the post system (pay attention, Liberal Democrats), but the specifics of the British electoral system…