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Future paths for the arts

Lois Stonock

The last time the government took a holistic look at the arts sector was in 1965 with the publication of the first ever culture white paper by Jennie Lee entitled ‘A Policy for the Arts, First Steps’. The paper sought to outline a path to making ‘the arts’ accessible to all. Now in 2016 we…


England in a federal UK

Peter Hain

Answering the English question – left by what since 1999 has been an asymmetric devolution of power to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland but, the special case of London aside, not to England’s regions or city regions – remains the conspicuous, unfinished business of devolution. Despite devolution elsewhere England remains one of the most centralised…


Left-leaning art

Anna Berry

One of the great political problems we face in modern times is what is often termed the ‘apathy’ of the electorate. According to UK Politcal Info, only 66.1% of those eligible to vote in 2015’s General Election actually turned out. Personally I smart at this lazy accusation of apathy, usually directed at the young, made…