‘Dear candidate…’ notes for a future left

Andrew Harrop

A Labour leadership election is the time for a contest of ideas – for competing visions of the future of the left. So, on the day Jeremy Corbyn launches his bid for re-election, let’s hope that both candidates seek to tell a story about how the left should change to face the 2020s. In April,…


Open space

Duncan Weldon

As British politics tries to divine the true meaning of Brexit, there is a political opportunity for a party to be pro-openness but also pro-redistribution, argues Duncan Weldon In 2014, Labour was on the winning side of the referendum on Scottish independence and yet ended up paying a huge political price. In 2016 it was…


Challenging times

Conor Pope

She did not emerge as the candidate, but Angela Eagle sparked Labour’s leadership contest after Brexit led the parliamentary party’s uneasy truce to collapse. She tells Conor Pope why Labour can’t go on as it is – and why there is hope for the future It was the EU referendum result that was the final…