Environment 3

Sustainability: The green economy

Philip Pearson

Before the 2010 election the Conservatives’ policy rebranding included ‘The low carbon economy – security, stability and green growth’. It laid claim to “A vision of a different Britain…of a Britain which leads the world in new green technologies …a vision of a Britain in which our cars run on electricity.” But despite this optimism,…


Work and Business: Legal aid on the line

Julie Bishop

Workers’ rights have been seriously eroded since the coalition government came to power. It is now much harder for someone to challenge unfair employment practices or discrimination at an Employment Tribunal (ET). It is also getting much harder to get legal advice and assistance after cuts to the legal aid scheme. The qualifying period for…


Work and Business: Radical action on top pay

Luke Hildyard

Since we were established in 2012, the High Pay Centre has tried to put evidence and analysis at the centre of the emotive debate about top pay. We want to identify how Government policy on the growing pay gap can achieve the best social and economic outcomes for the UK. There is a tendency to…