Nationalism is not the cure

Dan Sharp

Brexit has become the zeitgeist of constitutional debate. Against this backdrop, John Denham sets out an eloquent case for the need to reform England’s relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom in his article ‘England: a crisis’; there are, however, several problems with that case. Denham states: ‘Social democracy’s base was the organised industrial…

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Labour’s northern soul

Caitlin Griffith Otway

How Stoke lost the faith Healthy Labour majorities have long been guaranteed in Stoke-on-Trent, thanks to a self-reinforcing triumvirate of work, trade unionism and party loyalty. However, Labour safe seats in northern, working-class towns risk being taken for granted. In 2015, all 20 seats with the lowest turnout were won by Labour – an expression…


Whatever happened to multiculturalism?

Tariq Modood

To many, multiculturalism, not just as demography or social description of a town or city but as a political idea, suffered a body blow in 2001. In the shock of 9/11 and the analysis following riots in Leeds, Oldham and Bradford that in some northern English towns the white and Pakistani working classes were living…