Diane Abbott

Labour used to pioneer Black MPs – what happened?

Cecile Wright, Sanchia Alasia

‘No taxation without representation’ is a well-known slogan. The Black population continues to pay their taxes but remain underrepresented as senior managers in both public and private sector organisations, the political and legal sphere, and higher positions in universities. It is arguable that this unacceptable lack of representation within politics has in part contributed to…

Golden temple

The Golden Temple raid: British Sikhs in shock

Jasvir Singh

Rarely does the release of government documents under the 30-year rule cause any community in the UK to question its own identity and result in front-page headlines internationally. But the revelations of two letters dated February 1984 from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, one of which refers to an SAS officer travelling to India and drawing “a…


Banking reform: Why moving your money matters

Joel Benjamin

On Friday, Labour leader Ed Miliband announced plans to break the monopoly of the big five UK banks, creating two new ‘challenger banks’ in a policy move designed to tap into raw public anger following the banking crisis, recent scandals and continuing failure to tackle the toxic bank bonus culture. Miliband’s speech was delivered at…