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Review of Reviews: The Buckle report

Katie Schmuecker

Labour’s policy review considered how to tackle some of our biggest political challenges. We asked a panel of experts whether its external commissions make the grade… What it says: Working poverty is a national challenge. Over 250,000 people do not receive the minimum wage and its value has fallen by 5 per cent since 2010. Low Pay: The Nation’s Challenge by Alan Buckle endorses…

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Devolution can mend our broken politics

Jim McMahon

In an era of widespread disillusionment with politicians and the political process, where the simple answers of populists or the do-nothing respite of apathy have an easy attraction for many people, the Scottish referendum proved that elections can still inspire voters to rigorous engagement and a turnout of 85 per cent. Devolution – how much…


Tackling pregnancy discrimination is long overdue

Richard Dunstan

Earlier this week, as the latest set of ONS employment data led ministers to proclaim the long-awaited return of real wages growth, the Financial Times noted that “not everything about working in the UK is rosy. More people than ever have minimum wage jobs, [and] work can be insecure.” Indeed it can. While stronger than…