Fireworks in Oakley, July 3, 2010

Wales in prudent health

Mark Drakeford AM

The Welsh NHS goes into the assembly elections in good heart. It does so despite the very real stresses and strains it faces, a result of cuts imposed by the UK government. It does so despite the sustained campaign of vilification of the Welsh health service, led by the prime minister. It does so despite…


Labour’s challenge

Nia Griffith

Returning a Labour government in the Welsh assembly elections in May is first and foremost about securing the best outcomes for the people of Wales. But it is also important for Labour across the UK, as it demonstrates the difference a Labour government can make. Like Labour-controlled councils in England, Labour must defend its record…


Power and principle

Andrew Crines, Jasper Miles, Kevin Hickson

Labour as a government-in-waiting In September 2015 Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party by an overwhelming 59 per cent of the electorate. His candidacy had, at first, been considered something of a token gesture but his campaign then took off and the campaigns of his rivals appeared to falter. He attracted media…