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Transforming transport

Margherita Rendel

Climate change and the lack of public transport are closely connected, but this not a connection that is currently being discussed. This matters. We all know that climate change is caused by greenhouse gases including particulates which come from burning fossil fuels. One-third of these come from cars, lorries, vans, buses, coaches, trains and some…

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Labour, England and the northern powerhouse

Richard Hayton

This essay was originally published on 29 April 2016. What sort of Labour can win England? In this post, I address that question in relation to one key area of policy, namely devolution and decentralisation. This issue has risen to prominence once again in the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum, which has brought into…


A new deal for gender

Jemima Olchawski

This essay was first published on January 21 2016.   There’s often scepticism about whether promises of localism made in opposition will be delivered once in power. This time, it turns out the Conservatives really meant it. Following the announcement of the Greater Manchester devolution deal we have seen local and regional government across the…