2014, Labour’s year of…helping an ageing population

Nic Dakin MP

The biggest challenges to policy makers are always the ones caused by what’s happening in the real world – changes in human behaviour, the environment or from technological change.  Politicians are forever tempted to appear energetic and effective by announcing changes in structures – moving the deckchairs rather than tackling the problem. There are some…


2014, Labour’s year of…entrepreneurship

Seema Malhotra MP

2014 is going to be a crucial year for the Labour party, and for one nation Britain. As the economy emerges from three years of stagnation, Britain needs a growth strategy that goes beyond the short term. Labour has been undertaking a wide-ranging policy review, and over the next year it will form the basis…


Labour’s New Towns: Lessons from Milton Keynes

Andrew Pakes

Renewed interest in house building is an important aspect of boosting construction in a post-recession in economy. The drop in construction in the 2008 period was marked, yet it did not tell the whole story of Britain’s modern relationship with house building. The post-war enthusiasm for building has been eroded by an antipathy towards government…