Time and patience

Bob Glaberson

In War and Peace Tolstoy says about General Kutuzov, the Russian general who was the victor in the war against Napoleon in 1812, that he counselled his generals to allow ‘time and patience’ to work against the enemy. Vladimir Putin may have learned this lesson from Russian history well enough to stand it on its…


Leaving the EU

Gerald Holtham

Leaving the EU seems to open a period of great uncertainty for the UK. There are many roads it might follow but you would have to be crazy, reckless or both to follow most of them. The range of sensible choices is in fact quite narrow. Let’s get down to practicalities. The UK cannot close…


Filling the vacuum

Philip Collins

Labour’s right has been devoid of ideas for years and now needs to come up with a new philosophy, writes Philip Collins The two main political tribes are never more characteristically different than when they have just lost a general election. When the Conservatives lose, which they have now not done for 12 years, they…