UK Elections 1997. Tony Blair and the Labour Party win power after 17 years of Conservative Rule.

New dawn fades

Steven Fielding

It was 20 years ago next month, but Tony Blair’s landslide election victory still shapes the left today. Steven Fielding reflects on New Labour’s achievements – and the opportunities it wasted On the early evening of Saturday 23 June 2007, BBC1 viewers settled down to watch another episode of Dr Who. ‘The Sound of the…


The radical reformer

Philippe Marlière

With his poll ratings falling, Benoît Hamon is unlikely to make it into the final round of the French presidential election next month. But his candidacy has been a breath of fresh air for French socialists after François Hollande’s unimpressive term, argues Philippe Marlièr When Benoît Hamon emphatically defeated Manuel Valls, the former prime minister,…