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Pat McFadden MP speech to Britain and Europe 2020`

Pat McFadden MP

Check against delivery We are here this morning to debate Britain and Europe in 2020. This issue is fundamental to our future for this election is not only about the deficit and public services – it is also about Britain’s place in the world and our sense of ourselves. This debate is being fought out…


Putting poverty at the heart of the 2015 election

Alan Milburn

Many thanks to the Fabian Society and Bright Blue for organising today’s event and to the Fabians for your important Inequality 2030 report.  Thanks are also due to the Webb Memorial Trust for supporting today’s event and for the work that you do to put poverty on the public policy map. Putting the issue on…

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Labour and Europe: A time for conviction

Andrew Coulson, Robert Ladrech

In his speech at the Labour party conference in September 2014, Ed Miliband said: Better together, across the United Kingdom. But also better together, true to our traditions of internationalism. And nowhere is this more true than when it comes to Europe and the European Union. Friends, let me say plainly: our future lies in…