Election 2014: the experts view

Marcus Roberts

How did Labour do in the local and European elections 2014? The answer is more complicated than you might think. While the party undoubtedly did well in its urban strongholds of London and Manchester, a more detailed analysis reveals deep cause for concern as the party puts together its strategy for 2015. We decided to…


Pride of Place

Ed Wallis, Natan Doron

People’s sense of identity, shaped by their attachment to their local area, can sit at the heart of a new politics of the environment. Pride of Place: Land, community and a popular environmentalism calls for a revolution in the culture of environmentalism, which puts a much greater focus on rebuilding democratic capacity rather than focusing on…

money magnify

The cost of the pay gap

Deborah Hargreaves

Pay for those at the top of our society continues to rise inexorably while average incomes stagnate. The gap between the remuneration of the so-called “super-managers” who run our top businesses and everyone else, is getting ever wider. A chief executive can now take home more in three days than an average employee earns in…