Steps to equality

Cat Smith MP

When it comes to equality, the Labour party has been pioneering. We are the party of the Equal Pay Act, the Sex Discrimination Act and the Race Relations Act. It was Labour which repealed the homophobic Section 28 legislation and brought in civil partnerships. We pushed the Tories on LGBT equality and they needed our…


Backwards march

David Clark

As a consequence of the Brexit referendum and its aftermath, the UK has embarked on a path of self-marginalisation at precisely the moment when its voice as a traditional bastion of European liberalism is needed most. Boris Johnson pleads that we will remain a European power, but the simple truth is that we are about…

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Wall of shame

Jeremy Anselmo

It’s been called the ‘Great Wall of Calais’. The huge barrier being built to keep people out of the UK is a potent symbol of populist feeling, argues Jeremy Anselmo in the latest in our series on the refugee crisis. Work began this month in Calais to build the £1.9m wall designed to prevent some…