Long-term lessons

Robert Tinker

With the results of May’s elections digested, the end of the current parliament has come into sight. So begins what will be one of the longest ‘long’ general election campaigns for decades. But on the policy issue which has shaped this parliament – the fiscal deficit – there is still a long way to go….


Health and care: The offer of integrated care is not Labour’s alone

Ben Nunn

“A big banner policy with wonkish nuance”.  That was how the Health Service Journal‘s David Williams described the Labour leader’s approach to big policy announcements the evening before his keynote speech on the NHS. The following day Ed Miliband unveiled his “GP guarantee”, promising all NHS patients a GP appointment within 48 hours if they…


Democracy Without Walls

David Bailey

That contemporary democracies are increasingly characterised by popular disaffection towards political elites has been widely noted now for a number of years. But the impact of this disaffection has changed. Whilst it was relatively benign and passive before the global economy entered its long period of crisis and stagnation in 2007-2008, the urgency of economic…