Here for good: UKIP and Labour after the referendum

Robert Ford

However the vote turns out, the referendum on Britain’s EU membership on 23 June represents a triumph for UKIP. The issue the party was founded to address – Britain’s membership of the EU – is being put before the whole population. UKIP, along with Eurosceptics in other parties, have been given a once in a…


Homes and hotels

Tobias Phibbs

“If there is a collective identity society is a home. If you have multiculturalism, society is a hotel,” Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks told Newsnight last week, echoing remarks he has been making for years. The centre-left has long regarded it as “very impolite to have a national identity”, as Lord Sacks puts it, and now…

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A citizens’ convention will resolve the English question

Graham Allen MP

Labour supporters of English devolution currently face a dilemma which can only be resolved by a nationwide citizens’ convention. Do they embrace the offer from the Conservative government for devolution to individual and combined local authorities, while recognising all its flaws? Or do they decide that the flaws are so great that they should reject…