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Labour and aspiration: where do we go from here?

Jack Scott

Much of the discussion during the leadership debate and since has hinged on the party’s approach to aspiration. John Prescott ridiculed the use of the term, whilst Peter Mandelson said that it is core to Labour’s offer and its ability to win in the future. I know residents in my ward aspire for a better…

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. Westminster, London. 18/09/15

The unlikely shadow chancellor: interview with John McDonnell

Mary Riddell

John McDonnell’s elevation to shadow chancellor startled him as much as anyone. He talks to Mary Riddell about his unexpected journey from crusader of the left to leading the battle to regain Labour’s economic credibility. John McDonnell appears blessed with unshakeable self-esteem or the hide of a rhinoceros. Either way, he is unoffended by the…