Facing the Future

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Facing the Future is the Fabian Society’s new programme on Labour’s renewal. It brings together a broad range of voices to challenge the Labour Party to do better for the people who need it most.

Through events, publications and research, we are ensuring that Labour has the fundamental debate that it needs on its purpose, organisation and ideas. Labour must make itself relevant for the 2020s and broaden its appeal to people who rejected it in May.

The programme covers three core areas:

Re-imagining Labour’s purpose

  • What would the Labour Party look like if it was founded today?
  • How should Labour respond to a fast changing political and economic context to become the party of the 2020s?

Modernising Labour’s organisation

  • How can Labour build on the democratic energy of the 2015 campaign and leadership race to become a grassroots movement?
  • What should the party do to better reflect the people and communities it seeks to represent?

Winning public trust

  • What does Labour need to do to secure a winning coalition of support across every region and age-group, attracting SNP, UKIP and Conservative voters who rejected the party in 2015?
  • What are the ingredients for a radical policy platform that looks to the 2020s, which is also evidenced-based, workable and electorally appealing?

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