Green Labour: Final Agenda

Fabian Summer Conference 2013: Green Labour

9:45 – Registration starts

Refreshments will be served in the Council Room alongside this year’s exhibitors: WWF, Young Fabians, Labour Finance and Industry Group, Labour Movement for Europe, Fabian Women’s Network, The Cooperative Party, LabourList, Labour Campaign for International Development, Labour Women’s Network and Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group.


10:30 – Keynote: Will Hutton

Location: Lecture Theatre One

Welcome and introduction: Andrew Harrop (General Secretary, Fabian Society)

After the speech there will be a short audience Q&A 


11:00 – Morning Plenary – Greening Labour: The Environment and the Labour Movement

Location:  Lecture Theatre One

Featuring: Michael Jacobs (Visiting Professor, Dept of Political Science, University College London), Mary Creagh MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), Joe Twyman (Director of Political and Social Research, YouGov), Ben Stafford (Head of Public Affairs, WWF) and Natan Doron (Senior Researcher, Fabian Society) (Chair).


12:15 – Morning Breakouts

Three parallel sessions covering broad themes surrounding politics and the environment

Please choose one session and follow the signs to your chosen location


People and Planet: Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction                    Location: Committee Room 1

Featuring: Ivan Lewis MP (Shadow Secretary of State for International Development), Sue Ferns (Lead on Environment and Sustainability, TUC General Council), Karin Christiansen (General Secretary of the Co-operative party) and Claire Leigh (Labour Campaign for International Development) (Chair).


Green Transport         Location: Lecture Theatre 1

Featuring: Maria Eagle MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Transport), Mark Ferguson (Editor, LabourList), Murad Qureshi (London Assembly Member) and Joe Fortune (Executive Committee member, SERA) (Chair).


Revaluing Food: From Farm to Fork                     Location:

Featuring: Fiona Twycross (London Assembly Member), Huw Irranca-Davies MP (Shadow Food & Farming Minister), Tim Lang (Professor of Food Policy, City University) and Jeanette Longfield (Coordinator, Sustain) (Chair).


13:15 – Lunch break

The Royal College of Surgeons is by Holborn tube station in the heart of London. There are a variety of eating alternatives by the tube station less than five minutes walk away


14:15 – Afternoon Breakouts

Three parallel sessions covering different policy themes. Please choose one session and follow the signs to your chosen location


Our Local Environment: Place, Land and Community                       Location: Committee Room 2

Featuring: Barry Gardiner MP (Shadow Minister for Natural Environment and Fisheries), Kate Godfrey (Labour PPC and zero carbon housing campaigner), Alastair Harper (Senior Policy Advisor, Green Alliance) and Ed Wallis (Editor, Fabian Review) (Chair).  


The Green Economy: Responsible Capitalism and Climate Change             Location: Committee Room 1

Featuring: Iain Wright MP (Shadow Minister, Business, Innovation and Skills), Councillor Joe Goldberg (Cabinet Member for Finance and Carbon Reduction, Haringey Council), Margaret Dantas Araujo (Fabian Women’s Network) and James Murray (Editor, Business Green) (Chair).


Energy Politics: The Market, the Climate and the Consumer                            Location: Lecture Theatre 1

Featuring: Caroline Flint MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change), Natalie Bennett (Leader, Green Party) Natan Doron (Senior Researcher, Fabian Society) and Mary Riddell (Journalist, Daily Telegraph) (Chair).  


15:15 – 15 minute refreshment break


15:30 – Afternoon Plenary:  Do We Out-green the Greens?: The Environment on the Doorstep


Featuring: Iain Wright MP (Shadow Minister, Business Innovation and Skills). (Natalie Bennett (Leader, Green Party), Joss Garman (Co-founder, Plane Stupid) and Marcus Roberts (Deputy General Secretary, Fabian Society) (Chair).


17.00 – Close




Today’s Conference is kindly supported by: WWF

In partnership with: SERA, the Young Fabians and the Fabian Women’s Network

In media partnership with: LabourList