Happy Birthday! 130 years of the Fabian Society

Alex Adranghi

On January 4th 1884, one-hundred and thirty years ago in London, history was made. A Christian socialist group called the Fellowship of New Life was divided. Two competing primary objectives were tested, that of socialist spiritualism and another of economic and material affairs.

At this meeting a new group was formed, one that would focus on the latter goals. Named after a Roman general famous for his strategy of attrition, this society set out to “educate, agitate, organise” in the words of a famous early member and irish playwright.

Since that time the group has led the development of socialism in the UK. The NHS, the welfare state and the minimum wage are just some of the achievements set out in the group’s work.

The Young Fabians represent a generation doing what Bernard Shaw said today, and for this new year you should get in touch with me if you want to play a part in shaping that. The executive always have an open door to members and welcome all to run events and write for the group.

Happy new year to you and happy 130th birthday to the Fabian Society.

Alex is secretary of the Young Fabians

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