Our members are at the heart of everything the Fabian Society does and the society now has more members than at any time in our history.

Fabian membership is open to all who share the Society’s values.

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Benefits of membership

  • Our magazine the Fabian Review, the most read quartlery journal of policy and politics on the British left
  • At least four reports or pamphlets posted to your home each year, with dozens more available on our website
  • Invitations to Fabian conferences and events in London and around the country, including reduced price admission for ticketed events
  • Access to the meetings of around 60 local Fabian Societies in every corner of the country
  • Members who are not already Labour Party members become affiliated supporters of the party, with voting rights

And additionally:

  • Automatic membership of the Young Fabians if you are under the age of 31
  • Automatic membership of the Fabian Women’s Network if you are a women
  • Automatic membership of the Welsh and Scottish Fabians if you live in Wales or Scotland
Our members join us because they share our values and support our work. Membership subscriptions help pay for our research and editorial projects, especially on key political issues where it is hard to attract sponsorship from non-political organisations. And Fabian members also steer and contribute to our programme through our democratic governance structure and the opportunities on offer to participate in projects.

Membership is open to all who share our values

Around 80% of our members are also members of the Labour Party and the Fabian Society is affiliated to Labour, though we guard our editorial, organisational and financial independence fiercely.

  • You don’t have to be a member of the Labour Party to join, though full membership is restricted to those who are eligible to be Labour Party members, and do not belong to another political party.
  • Members of other political parties are welcome to join as associate members, who receive all of the benefits of membership except for participation in Fabian Society elections.
  • If you live overseas, you can still join the Fabian Society.
Affiliation and subscription
  • Organisations which share our values are invited to affiliate to the society. Affiliates include a number of Constituency Labour Parties and many of the leading trade unions.
  • Other organisations including companies, public bodies, charities and academic institutions can take out a subscription to the society’s publications.

If you have any queries about membership, please contact our Membership Officer Giles Wright on 0207 227 4904 or by email at [email protected].