News: Labour leadership election and the Fabians

Andrew Harrop

The Fabian Society is affiliated to the Labour party and all full members of the society are eligible to vote in the forthcoming election for leader and deputy leader. If your address is in Greater London you are also eligible to vote in the mayoral primary. Associate members are not eligible to vote (i.e. Fabian members who are members of a political party opposed to Labour).

In previous Labour party elections, our members had a separate Fabian vote, even if they were members of the Labour party and/or other affiliated organisations. This is no longer the case, as the elections will be conducted on a simple One Person, One Vote basis.

Fabian Members who are also Labour party members do not need to take any action. You will automatically be sent a ballot paper.

Fabian Members who ARE NOT Labour party members need to register as an ‘affiliated supporter’ of the Labour Party, by following this link. We cannot do this for you and you won’t be able to vote unless you register. The deadline for registration is 12pm, Wednesday 12 August.

Note: the Labour party’s rules permit the Fabian Society to nominate a preferred candidate for leader, deputy leader and mayoral candidate. However the society has a long-standing policy of not making nominations, in respect for the diverse views of our members (see by-law 9 of the society’s rules).

Please contact Giles Wright, Membership Officer, if you have any questions about the election.

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