Major projects


Our research, editorial and events projects respond to six priorities:

  1. Facing the Future - re-imagining Labour’s purpose, modernising Labour’s organisation, and winning public trust. Projects underway are examining Labour’s shifting core vote, how Labour reconnects with rural communities and what the left must do to prepare for the 2020s
  2. Shared prosperity – sustainable growth, responsible business and answers to inequality. Forthcoming projects will focus on solutions to inequality through social security, pensions reform and fairer taxation
  3. Changing work – progressive ideas for the future world of work. The Changing Work Centre’s flagship project for 2017 is an inquiry on the future of trade unions
  4. Britain’s future – identity, constitution and the UK’s place in the world. Planned projects examine progressive responses to Brexit, President Trump’s foreign policy and assaults on human rights
  5. Together – public services, communities and collective endeavour. Current projects examine access to justice as a public entitlement and ask how childhood will change over the 2020s
  6. Green lives – the environment and citizens. A forthcoming study will showcase practical ways to promote environmentalism in local communities 

Previous projects

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