NEW inquiries launched

We’re delighted to announce the launch of three new Fabian initiatives at the start of 2016:

Facing the Future

Facing the Future is the Fabian Society’s programme on Labour’s renewal. It brings together a broad range of voices to challenge the Labour Party to do better for the people who need it most.

Through events, publications and research, we are ensuring that Labour has the fundamental debate that it needs on its purpose, organisation and ideas. Labour must make itself relevant for the 2020s and broaden its appeal to people who rejected it in May.

The programme covers three core areas: re-imagining Labour’s purpose; modernising Labour’s organisation; and winning public trust.

Find out more about Facing the Future here >>

Other priorities

Following the 2015 general election, the Fabian Society has launched five new programmes:

  1. Shared prosperity – sustainable growth, responsible business and answers to inequality
  2. Changing work – progressive ideas for the future world of work
  3. Britain’s future – identity, constitution and the UK’s place in the world
  4. Together – public services, communities and collective endeavour
  5. Green lives – the environment and citizens
As part of these programmes, we completed two major projects in 2015:

2011-2015 programme

During the last parliament the Fabian Society had five key programmes that formed the backbone of the society’s work. These were:

  • Next State - addresses the future role of government in British society
  • Next Economy - examines how economic policy can deliver not only growth but also fairness and sustainability
  • Labour’s Next Majority - looks at how the Labour Party can build an election-winning coalition
  • Environment and Citizenship - which asks how we build public support for action on climate change
  • Europe and the World - which examines the future of Britain’s place in the EU and the wider world

For more information on any of these projects, please click the links above.