Major projects


The Fabian Society’s programme seeks to drive the intellectual renewal of the left in Britain. We are assessing the key political and policy challenges that face the UK over the next 10 to 15 years and proposing responses that are rooted in our values and history. We are generating the ideas and strategy needed to ensure that the Labour party is in a position to win power and govern well, locally and nationally. Our research, editorial and events projects focus on five core themes:

1. Facing the Future - the left in the 2020s

  • What is the purpose of the Labour party and its vision for Britain, looking ahead to the 2020s?
  • How can the Labour party retain the loyalty of current and recent supporters and widen its appeal to be in a position to form a majority government?
  • How should Labour strengthen its organisation in order to build strong bonds in communities across Britain?

2. Shared prosperity – sustainable growth, responsible business and answers to inequality 

  • How should we tackle the key drivers of economic and social inequality, in all its dimensions, by reforming business, taxation and the welfare state?
  • How can people, businesses and government work in partnership to achieve environmental sustainability, improve skills and productivity, address economic imbalances and tackle short-termism?
  • What should we do to increase the economic power people have in their lives, reduce the risks they face and promote personal responsibility?
  • How can the left rebuild economic credibility and win consent for radical ideas to reform our economy?

3. Changing work – progressive ideas for the modern world of work

  • How is work changing, what does this mean for workers and employers now and in the future, and how should politics and the labour movement respond?
  • How should the government support fairer, more diverse workplaces and better skills, pay and job security?
  • What will it take for workers to fully share in the rewards of innovation and business success?

4. Britain’s future – identity, constitution and the UK’s place in the world

  • How should Britain reshape its European and global relationships as it leaves the EU, and how should we heal the divides of the Brexit decision at home and abroad?
  • Does ‘Britain’ have a future and what powers should flow to its nations, regions, cities and towns?
  • How can the left embody patriotism and pride of place in a way that includes everyone and looks outwards to the world?
  • How should our politics and democracy change to expand power and participation?

5. Together – public services, communities and collective endeavour

  • How should the welfare state change to meet the challenges of the 2020s and support everyone to thrive, from cradle to grave?
  • How can new models of public services best serve the public interest, through collective institutions beyond the market, which are empowering, collaborative, and accountable?
  • How should community action and civil society shape communities and work alongside the state?
  • How can we create a popular environmentalism, where sustainable lifestyles and public consent is woven into the fabric of local community life?

Previous projects

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