Proposal for Fabian Pamphlet

Working Title
Address for Correspondence
Contact Telephone No.
Email Address
About the Author ?
What are your qualifications and experience in the field? Outline how you come to know about this subject, and describe your position, qualifications, experience or other relevant information. Include any relevant publications.
Objectives ?
(a) What is the purpose of the pamphlet or policy report? What do you wish it to achieve? (b) What is the political and policy context in the field under discussion? What is currently happening or being debated, and how does the pamphlet/discussion paper address this?
Audience ?
Who is it aimed at and who would read it? Which people and systems are you trying to influence? What would your desired impact be?
Timetable ?
When would a first draft be available? Is there any particular timetable that would maximise its public impact?
Principal Arguments ?
What are the key arguments you wish to make, and/or the main research findings you wish to present? What are the main policy-relevant conclusions and recommendations? What would make the publication original and noteworthy?
Synopsis ?
Set out the proposed structure of the publication, and summarise the main content in each chapter. Indicate the approximate length in words of each chapter, and the overall word length.