2025 – What next for the Make Poverty History generation?

Tom Hampson


Twenty years on from Live Aid and one year on from Gleneagles and Live 8, this collection of essays looks ahead to the global justice and sustainability challenges of the next 20 years, and the campaigns we will need to tackle them.

In this unique collaborative project, the Fabian Society has worked with Henley Centre Headlight Vision to identify the forces which will shape the world and our attitudes over the next two decades, and to ask what this will mean for those campaigning for global justice. How could attitudes towards Britain’s global role and responsibilities change? Who will we hold responsible for global problems and will we accept the need to bring about change in our own lives.

What future is there for the progressive coaltions that campaigned for change in the 20th century?


Tom Hampson reviews where campaigners stand twelve months on from Live 8.


Clare Short writes that the Labour must focus dedicate itself to reducing poverty both at home and overseas.


Robert Cooper says that the British must rethink its approach to security and act to mobilise other countries.


Vandana Shiva writes that Britain must work closely with developing nations to stop them paying the price for Western consumption.


Michelle Harrison takes a look at how future changes will shape the nature of the global justice challenge


The Fabian Society is grateful to TUFM for their support of this project.


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