Fabian Review – Autumn 2010

Tom Hampson


As Labour heads out of the leadership campaign and into its first Conference in opposition since 1996, the new leader will barely have time to catch his breath before a set of challenges – and opportunities – lands on his desk. The Fabian Review Conference Special charts the key moments across the leader’s first year.

Gavin Kelly and Nick Pearce argue that a credible position on the economy is the first thing the new leader must get right.

Tim Horton writes that Labour really can appeal to so-called core and swing voters at the same time.

Richard Grayson outlines the opportunities for some Lib Dem rapprochement as parliament returns in the New Year.

Wendy Alexander says the Scottish and Welsh elections can show Labour is serious about returning to power.

Ed Wallis investigates the difficult politics of the referendum on electoral reform.

Kirsty McNeill shows how the party needs to change by Conference 2011.

In the Fabian Interview, Mary Riddell speaks to Harriet Harman at the end of her time as acting leader.

In the Fabian Essay, Patrick Diamond and Giles Radice return to the theme of ‘southern discomfort’ and unearth some tough truths for Labour.

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