Fabian Review – Winter 2011

Ed Wallis


The economy’s broken – with new polling showing public appetite for a fairer, more sustainable capitalism, the Fabian Review explores how we might fix it.

Tom Hampson outlines our new polling, which shows that a set of view previously held as radical have now become the centre-ground of British politics.

Patrick Diamond says that imaginative use of the state can actively shape the future of British capitalism, and business experts Stefan Stern and Vicky Pryce explain why this idea doesn’t frighten business.

In the Fabian Interview Mary Riddell interviews Ed Balls and find the shadow chancellor in accommodating mood to the Lib Dems.

Stewart Lansley explains why inequality is bad for the economy.

Nicola Smith says that the debate over good capitalism needs to connect with people’s real life concerns.

David Coats shows what good capitalism looks like in practice.

Kitty Ussher and Stephen Beer tell Labour not to turn against the City.

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