A good day’s work

Cameron Tait

What workers think about work, and how politics should respond

Four in five workers in Britain enjoy their jobs, but job insecurity is on the rise and for a group of one in 10 workers – over 3 million people – work is not providing the fulfillment it should.

A good day’s work: what workers think about work and how politics should respond argues that the research findings provide a challenge to political parties on the left and the right to recognise the value of good work, and to ensure everybody has access to it.

The report is published by the Changing Work Centre, a partnership between the Fabian Society and the trade union, Community, and based on a specially commissioned face to face survey with over 1,300 workers in full or part-time employment in Great Britain, conducted by leading research company Ipsos MORI. (Click here for the full survey results).