A New Social Europe

Roger Liddle


Now is the time for Gordon Brown to restate Labour’s commitment to a social Europe argues former Blair adviser, Roger Liddle.


If the EU is to be economically successful, politically sustainable and gain the legitimacy to be effective in the wider world, there must be a renewed focus on Europe’s social mission. Liddle argues that European member states face common social challenges that demand an effective response from the EU.


But facing rising tides of Left and Right populism acrossEurope, it is unable to meet the challenge of shaping globalisation with social justice. Political leaders across Europe must lend their support to a new social Europe.


Katinka Barysch, Chief Economist, Centre for European Reform


“Roger Liddle’s core idea is cogently argued and convincing: only by reinforcing its social dimension can the EU gain the legitimacy it needs to remain open and outward-looking. This is a long-overdue and frank discussion of what ‘social Europe’ means (and does not mean) in the 21st century. Compulsory reading not only for Labour Party leaders, but for everyone who has an interest in the future of the European project.”