All’s Well that Starts Well: Strategy for children’s health

Bryan Jones, Dr Howard Stoate


Britain is becoming a chronically unfit society. Poverty, lack of school sport, and a poor understanding of nutrition are all contributing to making Britons among the unhealthiest people in Europe. One in five adults are dangerously overweight and the incidence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions. The life expectancy of children is threatening to be lower than that of their parents and the expected ‘health span’ for today’s children, that is how long they live without any serious health problems, is decreasing.

Despite all the recent debate about the future of the health service, the question of what we can do to make Britain a healthier society has been largely ignored. The need for a debate about public health therefore has never been greater. This pamphlet takes a close look at the state of children’s health and sets out a strategy ranging from government guidelines on menu planning to tax cuts for shops selling large amounts of fresh produce at low prices.


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